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  • Human Lens Epithelial Cells

    Human Lens Epithelial Cells (HLEpiC) from Creative Bioarray are isolated from the human lens. HLEpiC are cryopreserved at primary culture and delivered frozen.

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  • PHH Environmental UK

    UK Based company specialising in the management and surveying of asbestos

  • De Histology

    This blog contains knowledges about histology... :D

  • Human skin primary cells

    The human skin is the outer covering of the body. As the largest organ of the integumentary system, skin makes up of multiple layers of ectodermal tissue.

  • Vaccine companies

    Well development of a vaccine project requires an experienced partner who understands the unique complexity presented by this important research area.

  • Medical Diagnostic Labs

    A website dedicated to Medical Diagnostic Labs. Get the latest articles, news and information updates on Medical Diagnostic Labs from Medical Diagnostic Labs.

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  • Ahmad Salehi's Publication Page

    Ahmad Salehi is a neuroscientist at the VA exploring the molecular mechanisms of Down syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease; he has an extensive list of published works.

  • Enbiologger

    Esta es una pagina web donde los visitantes podran aprendrer autonomamente y a su ritmo los distintos temas que a abarca la biologia, tales como: histologia, ecologia, embriologia, fisiologia animal y vegetal, biologia del desarrollo,

  • Bubble pressure tensiometer

    Orbit Research provides bubble pressure tensiometer which is an instrument for determining the dynamic surface tension.

  • Human Oral Primary Cells

    Oral cells are isolated from human oral tissues such as tongue, oral mucosa, periodontal tissue, and so on. The mouth is one of the most important organ because it is the site of food intake.

  • Chymotrypsin

    Chymotrypsin is a digestive enzyme component of pancreatic juice acting in the duodenum where it performs proteolysis, the breakdown of proteins and polypeptides.

  • Sarcosine Oxidase

    Sarcosine oxidase (SAO) is an enzyme that catalyzes the oxidative demethylation of sarcosine to yield glycine, H2O2, 5, 10-CH2-tetrahydrofolate in a reaction requiring H4-tetrahydrofolate and oxygen. sarcosine + H2O + O2 = glycine + formaldehyde + H2

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  • Papain powder

    Papain papaya latex has antifungal activity against C. albicans. It is a cysteine protease that cleaves peptide bonds of basic amino acids, leucine, or glycine.

  • Zentrogene Bioscience Laboratory Limited

    NIPD-Zplus Noninvasive Down's Prenatal Test, HK $ 3500 Call 852- 21571000 NIPD-Zplus Noninvasive Down's Prenatal Test, HK $ 3500 Call 852- 21571000

  • Genome Editing

    Gene reporter is a useful in vitro tool that facilitates live monitoring and tracking a cell type of interest. Lineage reporters are created using minimal lineage-specific promoter-driven reporter systems.

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  • Bionovitus

    Bionovitus /ús/ helps clinical laboratories set foot in the era of personalized medicine. We are bringing the future's biotechnology into today's reality through the successful commercialization of novel biotechnologies.

  • Used Microscope Sales

    An all metal microscope that permits viewing of small, three dimensional objects.

  • Phd Position in Biology

    Position covers all subjects from biology,life science, biochemistry,Immunology, cell biology, biotechnology, microbiology, cancer, bioinformatics, molecular biology .

  • BIOMUN: Biotecnología en el mundo

    Biomun: Información sobre el avance de la biotecnología mundial.

  • Pepsin

    It acts as an adjunct in the treatment of anemic conditions, especially during slimming diet when protein intake increases. It is used as research tool in protein analysis and as digestive syrup in heart burn, acid indigestion and sour stomach.

  • Horseradish Peroxidase

    The enzyme horseradish peroxidase (HRP), found in horseradish, is used extensively in molecular biology applications primarily for its ability to amplify a weak signal and increase detectability of a target molecule.

  • Xanthin oxidase

    Xanthine oxidase is a form of xanthine oxidoreductase, a type of enzyme that generates reactive oxygen species. These enzymes catalyze the oxidation of hypoxanthine to xanthine and can further catalyze the oxidation of xanthine to uric acid.

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  • MCU Botanicals Ltd

    At MCU Botanicals our primary focus is to research and develop innovative and high quality hemp extracts and to make them accessible to the general public. Using our training in organic chemistry and botany, we have developed MCU Botanicals CBD extra

  • Vaccination

    Vaccine technology has evolved significantly in the last decade. To accelerate response time to emerging threats, develop vaccines against difficult targets, Creative Biolabs offers a full range of vaccine design and production services.

  • Antibody Cell Lines

    CHO cells are the predominant host used to produce therapeutic proteins. About 70% of all recombinant proteins produced today are made in CHO cells.

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  • Baculovirus

    In contrast to most other DNA viruses, baculovirus gene expression occurs in four phases: immediate-early, delayed-early, late and very late.

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  • Human Charts India, Human Charts Suppliers, Human Charts Exp

    Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Biological, Computer, IT, Chemistry, Physics , Botany , Electronics , English, Zoology , Mathematics , Human Charts.

  • Refractory Raw Material Supplier

    We export excellent quality minerals and products supplied by us is of excellent ratio of performance and price at the market.

  • Bilirubin oxidase

    This enzyme belongs to the family of oxidoreductases, to be specific those acting on the CH-CH group of donor with oxygen as acceptor. This enzyme participates in porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism.

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  • Natural fish tank cleaners

    We solve everyday problems with innovative biological solutions straight from nature’s laboratory. We’re making sure humans have a place in the Earth’s future.

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