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  • Tokon Martial Arts

    School for traditional Karate and Martial Arts.

  • Tokon Martial Arts

    School for traditional Karate and Martial Arts.

  • DefenceLab Fusion - Martial Arts Dojo Kyle

    We believe in training our students in an environment where they are protected in a climate and culture that is fun, active, and has high energy. Our instruction fuses Martial Arts and Self-Defense for an all-encompassing experience.

  • Respect Martial Arts

    Respect Martial Arts is a self-defense program dedicated to the traditions of Martial Arts while utilizing modern practices of sports science and character development. We bring good health and personal power to all of our students, our community, and the world.

  • Diverse Krav Maga in Reading

    Fun and family friendly Krav Maga school. Certified by the IKMF. Safe, respectful and hard working atmosphere. Over 24 years combined club experience. 5 star feedback!

  • Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

    Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the premier martial arts school of the San Francisco Bay Area, which is located in the east bay city of Brentwood, California. The primary focus of Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is to teach kids, women, and adults a grappling martial art known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The academy was opened by Cesar Gracie in the 1990s. It rose to prominence in the late 2000s based on the success of a close-knit group of Gracie students known as the "Skrap Pack": Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, and brothers Nick and Nate Diaz. All fought primarily in the Strikeforce promotion at that time and were some of its most popular stars. Prior to Jake Shields' UFC signing in 2010, Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu housed champions in three of five weight classes in the Strikeforce promotion. This success helped Cesar Gracie secure a position among the nominees for "Coach of the Year" at the Fighters Only 2010 World MMA Awards. Today, Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a place for everyone, from children.


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  • AmeriKick Martial Arts

    Since we’ve opened, we’ve been dedicated to changing the lives of people one person at a time, through martial arts, education and coaching. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members in Levittown. We take pride in creating an environment for individuals to achieve, develop and succeed in their personal goals.

  • Shaolin Temple China - Learn Kung Fu in China

    Chinese martial arts are symbolized by Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest and most institutionalized schools of Chinese martial arts. Providing kung fu instruction to foreign students. Both men and women are welcome to study, and there are no special requirements. Shaolin Kung Fu can be learned at the Song Mountain Shaolin Temple School in China. Train with monks near the China Shaolin Temple.To learn more please visit:

  • MMA Podcast

    MMANUTS is the MMA Podcast that walks the line between serious and ridiculous. With views from Ingo Weigold, Matt Griffith and the Magic 8 Ball to keep us in check. Covering MMA, Fitness, Video Games, Life Experiences and more. Est. January 2010.

  • Mr

    Pacific Sports offers a range of high-quality, functional and affordable Karate and taekwondo uniforms, as well as Martial Art and Kickboxing equipment.

  • Ninjashoes MMA Forums

    Come and Trade full fights, check out the arcade!

  • Artes marciales

    Entrenamiento y clases de artes marciales en Barcelona.

  • Forged Fitness

    Raleigh’s premier fitness facility offering strength and conditioning fitness programs, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo. Our program incorporates a variety of dynamic exercises performed at a high level of intensity, producing amazing

  • Minotaur Fight Store

    The Minotaur Fight Store is based in Aylesbury and North London. We supply all combat equipment and fight gear for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Nogi Grappling.

  • Black Eagle Martial Arts

    Suppliers of Martial Arts Uniforms, Equipment, Accessories, Training Equipment and Weapons.

  • Wu Xing Dao

    We are a family run and owned Martial Arts school on the Central Coast NSW, for children and adults of all ages and fitness levels. Our system is derived from some of the most respected Internal Martial Arts Styles in China such as Tai Chi and Bagua, and we also offer Qigong Meditation and energy, development classes. We focus on realistic self defence principles and holistic health practices through a range of simple and effective energy cultivation techniques. Learn how to develop true internal power in a short amount of time, with our unique and rare Martial Arts System.

  • The MMA Zone

    From the traditional martial arts like Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, and Kung Fu to the cutting edge fight gear we have it here at The MMA Zone.

  • Martial Arts School Directory

    Search over 15 thousand martial arts schools in online dojo directory. Free listing of Dojos. Search by zip, city, name or area code. Also available nationwide statistics for USA

  • Látványos thai box, muaythai edzés Budapesten

    A thai box, ismertebb nevén a Muay Thai, egy tradicionális thai küzd?sport, mely nemcsak a harcosok fizikai er?sségét és ügyességét fejleszti, hanem számos egészségügyi el?nnyel is jár. A több évszázados múltra visszatekint? thai box a harci technikák kifinomult egyvelegét kínálja, és az egészségügyi el?nyeinek köszönhet?en egyre népszer?bb az egész világon. Ebben a cikkben megvizsgáljuk a thai box és az egészség közötti kapcsolatot, bemutatva az edzés hatásait a testre és az elme egészségére. Fizikai Er?nlét és Kardiovaszkuláris Egészség A thai box egy rendkívül intenzív és kardiovaszkuláris igénybevételt jelent? sport. Az edzések során a harcosok robbanékony mozdulatokat végeznek, amelyek során az egész testet megmozgatják. Az ilyen magas intenzitású tréningek segítenek javítani az állóképességet és az aerob képességet, ami nagymértékben hozzájárul a szív- és érrendszeri egészség javulásához.

  • Focus Martial Arts Brisbane

    Focus Martial Arts Brisbane is a martial arts school that prides itself on outstanding martial arts lessons for kids, pre-schoolers, families and adults. Our Australian Champion martial arts Instructors love that they get to live their passion everyday, and make an impact on students and their families, as every martial arts class is packed with skill, character development & fun. Kids martial arts classes are available from 3 years of age in our specifically designed toddler martial arts program for our Little Ninjas. Our primary school age kids martial arts & self defence program is perfect for teaching your child to be bully-proof & build confidence. Teens and adults love the fun & fellowship they get from martial arts class.

  • Boxing Shorts Toronto

    Benza Sports in one of the best online Martial Arts Equipment Supplies Store in Ontario. We provides all kinds of Muay thai Supplies, Boxing Pads, muay thai gear Toronto, Judo Gi, judo uniform, Boxing glove, Muay thai equipment and much more at very affordable price.

  • OCMA Rancho Santa Margarita

    Best Martial Arts School in Orange County, Located in Rancho Santa Margarita! We Offer Karate, Taekwondo & Self-Defense Classes for Kids and Adults. Lets try for a free Class!

  • is your expert guide to tactical gear and equipment, featuring practical knowledge on becoming a true fighter/survivor, motivational stories that will inspire you on your journey as a Marine, and more.

  • Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness

    Ultimate Martial Arts is dedicated to changing the lives of people through martial arts. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all adults, kids, women and family members in Heathmont. Throughout all of our martial arts classes, students will not only learn the necessary skill sets to protect themselves but also how to achieve greatness and live their best life

  • MMA training in Dehradun

    Mixed martial arts training or MMA training is a full-contact combat sport, and it’s sometimes called cage.

  • Eagle Martial Arts

    At Eagle Martial Arts (EMA) we believe that martial arts is more than just punching and kicking. Any student that trains at EMA learns awareness and defensive skills to cover a large range of situations. But just as importantly, we believe in helping the student to reach their full potential in fitness, confidence, and a positive outlook. EMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, focusses on self defence based BJJ but also includes training for BJJ competitions. EMA Hapkido was developed to address some of the gaps between traditional martial arts and modern self-defence scenarios. Based on, and still encompassing all values and techniques of traditional Korean Hapkido, EMA Hapkido has been expanded with aspects from BJJ, Kickboxing and more.

  • Pahuyuth - Traditional Martial Arts & Self-Defense

    Pahuyuth is an ancient martial art and part of the traditional Free-Warrior knowledge – a unique cultural heritage that has grown over thousands of years and is passed on within the community of Pahuyuth. The roots of this martial art reach back more than 4500 years into the past which makes Pahuyuth one of the oldest fighting methods in the world. In order to preserve this unique body of knowledge and to preserve the cultural heritage of the ancient Free-Warriors for future generations, the Pahuyuth School (founded as Muai-Thai Studio) was founded 1975 in Berlin. Its purpose is the protection and preservation of traditional knowledge through education and information. The Pahuyuth School is the only school in the world where Pahuyuth knowledge is taught and practiced to its full extend.

  • Clases de artes marciales

    Clases de artes marciales en Mugendo.

  • Martial Arts Training Streaming Movies

    krav maga, wing chun and kung fu martial arts training online streaming movies and videos

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