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  • Conditioners - Aqua Essentials

    Here we have a selection of conditioners for your aquarium. Dechlorinators, water softenors, resins to absorb impurities that you don't want in your tank. The range is quite extensive so if you are not sure which one your should plump for please call us and we can advise.

  • Filter Boosters - Aqua Essentials

    The quickest and best way to add good bacteria into your water is by adding filter boosters. Not only do they speed up the nitrogen cycle but they also beneficial bacterial into the water. Some products such as Easy Life Filter Medium performs over 30 positive activities in the water like reducing stress, improving colour of fish, remove waste by breaking it down, stimulates breeding and so on - so you can see how useful a product like that really is.

  • Test Kits Test Kits - Aqua Essentials

    Test Kits are a very convenient way of testing your water. Quick, accurate and economical the results show fast. Doesn't get much more convenient than that. And if you need your test kit fast, choose Express Delivery at the check out.

  • Animal Healing

    Asentia Animal Healing Offers a Clinic, Animal Healing Courses, Workshops and a Professional Diploma - Call 01403 250269 For a Prospectus.

  • Briggs & Partner Ltd

    Briggs and Partners is a plant hire, including: mini diggers, excavators, dumpers, rollers, fork lifts and telehandlers. We have experienced operators to carry out technical work, Grab Wagon for removal and transportation of materials and Small speci

  • Echinodorus bleheri - Aqua Essentials

    One of the most popular 'Amazon-swords' the Echinodorus bleheri' can grow up to 50-60 cm in height and the mature plants can have up to 50 leaves, each growing around 3-6cm in size. Also known as Echinodorus paniculatus it's really easy to grow and will require little care for hobbyists making it perfect for beginners and up. Because this aquarium plant grows large, it's often used as a focal point so bear that in mind. However, in larger tanks, they look better placed behind stones.

  • Aquarium Substrates - Aqua Essentials

    A good aquarium substrate is essential in order to achieve strong and healthy plant growth. There are a huge variety currently available as manufacturers have realised the importance of a planted aquarium substrate. Some key factors to remember are the two different types - Complete (meaning you need nothing more) and one's that need topping with a gravel. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it's really a case of deciding which suits your aquascape and your budget. Some will also effect your PH which can be advantageous for plant growth and PH.

  • Glass Cleaning - Aqua Essentials

    Keeping the glass clean is a necessary evil but we've got some excellent tools that make light work of this job. You can use a scraper or you can use a magnetic cleaner. The secret is not to leave it too long between cleaning. Twice a week is the best idea.

  • Plant Maintenance - Aqua Essentials

    Making sure you have the right tools for the right job is paramount and will save you so much time, stress and hassle and for this reason, you've landed on one of our most popular pages. Here you can choose tools that make your life easier and once you've started using tweesers over your fingers you'll see exactly what I mean.

  • Easy-Life EasyStart 500ml - Aqua Essentials

    EasyStart is a filter starter. Its objective is to quickly purify and stabilize the water when cycling a new freshwater or marine aquarium, so that it is suitable for fish. EasyStart is a unique combination of highly active bacteria cultures.

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  • Alternanthera reineckii 'Pink' XL - Aqua Essentials

    Alternanthera reineckii ‘Pink’ is a medium category plant available in pots or XL pots. It can survive with lower levels of lighting and without CO2 injection but these are essential to get the best from this colour species. Without strong lighting, the lower leaves tend to drop off. It typically grows 25-50cm tall with its leaves measuring up to 8cm long.

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  • Hygrophila siamensis XL - Aqua Essentials

    Meet Hygrophila siamensis XL - a lovely Motherplant! It's grown in a small 9cm square pot and is perfect for adding a little green to your aquarium. This plant, known as 'Siamensis', is originally from Thailand and has stems that can reach anywhere from 15-40 cm in length and 10-15 cm wide. The leaves are a light green color and are quite dense.

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  • Microsorum pteropus XL - Aqua Essentials

    A large leaved aquarium plant with attractive dark green leaves and small sturdy stems. A really easy to keep aquatic plant that asks very little of its water parameters. Best to plant on a rock or stone where the roots trail and it reproduces easily.

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  • Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia XL Pot - Aqua Essentials

    Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia originates from an Australian tissue propagation laboratory. It is a very beautiful variety with heart-shaped leaves. The leaves live for several years, so Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia can easily form large groups despite its slow growth. A group of Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia growing more than 50 cm wide in a few years is not unusual. The leaves can grow up to 25cm long and 15cm long if optimal conditions.

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  • Echinodorus palifolius XL - Aqua Essentials

    In marshy conditions, Echinodorus palaefolius var. latifolius from Brazil has round leaves with a horizontal leaf base. Under water the leaves are narrower and longer (from 20-40 cm, and a 20-40 cm wide roset).

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  • Tropica Aquarium Soil 3L Powder - Aqua Essentials

    Aquarium Soil is used for planning a new aquarium. It is a complete bottom layer, which can be used without any other types of bottom layer – see how to use it here.

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  • Echinodorus hadi red pearl - Aqua Essentials

    Echinodorus hadi red pearl is a relative newcomer to the Echinodorus family, originating from Indonesia this delightful little plant is smaller growing than most Echinodorus plants with a mixture of Red and black pearl coloured leaves that can reach up to 20cm in height.

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  • Alternanthera cardinalis Variegata - Aqua Essentials

    Alternanthera cardinalis Variegata is a fine-looking bushy, stem plant with sturdy red/purple stems and long, pointy attractive leaves. It originates from South America and needs plenty of light to develop the red/purple leaves. With the addition of CO2 this plant will grown up to 50cm in height. If there is a lack of micro nutrients this plant will suffer and the leaves will become pale in colour.

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  • Fake Plants

    Invite to Fake Plants - the home of reasonable, authentic and life like artificial plants. Fake indoor plants are normally produced industrial uses and have caught on in houses all over the world. They are made from various products nevertheless the most popular is silk evaluated polyester and plastic.

  • Ashley Plant Hire.

    Ashley Plant Hire | Cheshire | Manchester.With our 25 years experience in plant hire, excavator hire, ground works and reclamation Ashley Plant are one of the leading contractors in Cheshire and Manchester.

  • Ashley Plant Hire Cheshire

    We have over 25 years’ experience in plant hire, excavator hire, ground works and reclamation serving around Cheshire, Manchester and beyond.

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