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  • Abbeycare Foundation Group - Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Clinic

    Abbeycare Scotland provides private rehabilitation treatment for recovery from alcohol and/or substance misuse addictions. Fully residential setting, offering 12 step and therapeutic intervention to address the underlying issues, as well as physical

  • Addiction Treatment Rehab UK

    Addictions come in many forms and the available addiction treatments are just as numerous. It isn't always triggered by a traumatic event or an addictive personality, and it's important to know that there is help out there whatever your story.

  • Castle Craig Rehab Clinic

    Castle Craig is a residential rehab centre treating drug and alcohol addiction. We are based in the Scottish Borders, near both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

  • Rehabilitiation Centre UK

    Welcome to Rehabilitation Centre. Our team is here to support you throughout your journey to recovery. With years of experience and expertise, we will ensure you receive the very best help and support.

  • Which Rehab Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services

    At Which Rehab, we provided free expert advice and guidance to help people overcome addiction. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs you need help and advice with, our 24 hour helpline is here for you. The key to overcoming addiction is in accessing the most

  • Luxury Rehab

    Do you want to turn around your unhealthy lifestyle and have a full recovery with an amazing treatment plan? We aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms that they have. Our team works incredibly hard to deliver the best treatment programme for celebrities and anyone else who needs it. With many treatment and the treatment centre, options including luxury amenities and a holistic approach, you can expect to see a full recovery in your life.

  • Edinburgh Rehab Centre

    Edinburgh Rehab Centre provide advice and guidance on available options for the treatment of alcoholism, in and around the Edinburgh area.

  • Best Rehab

    Are you looking for the best Rehab in the UK to help with your recovery? Our team have years of experience when it comes to helping those suffering from addictions. We have 5 private clinics in the UK, which offer the best therapy, care and support on your journey.

  • Private Alcohol Rehab

    Private Alcohol Rehab is a dedicated company offering specialised addiction treatment for individuals dealing with alcoholism. Their services encompass detoxification, individual therapy, group counselling, and ongoing recovery support tailored to each client's needs. They ensure a holistic approach, integrating both medical and psychological treatments to address the physical and emotional aspects of addiction. Notable industry entities include licensed addiction counsellors, detox facilities, behavioural therapists, and support groups. The company also provides post-treatment support to prevent relapse. Key keywords relevant to their niche include alcohol recovery, detox programmes, holistic addiction treatment, and personalised rehabilitation services.

  • The Avalon Centre | Elysium Healthcare

    The Avalon Centre is a neurological centre for men and women over the age of 18 years, who have an acquired brain injury. The 20 bed building, set in two acres of private gardens, located in Swindon, has been designed specifically to support people who, because of their injury, have challenging and complex needs and require a neurobehavioural rehabilitation programme.

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation

    Inpatient Rehabilitation is a rehab centre in the UK specialising in drug and alcohol addictions. The team at Inpatient Rehabilitation have years of experience when it comes to treating addiction and can offer various options. Cognitive behavioural therapy, holistic approaches, group therapy and other techniques are used in conjunction with each other to create a unique treatment plan. The residential treatment will offer patients safety and confidentiality throughout their stay. To prevent relapse, Inpatient Rehabilitation offers an aftercare programme that consists of outpatient care following the residential rehab services.

  • Ballington House | Elysium Healthcare

    Ballington House is a specialised rehabilitation service for women with mental health problems, complex needs and those who have been diagnosed with a Personality Disorder (PD). Also working with young women transitioning from CAMHS and the team may consider facilitating a transition period to make the move as seamless as possible. Located in Leek, it is a safe space for patients to engage with the therapeutic programme and progress through a clear care pathway.

  • Private Drug Rehab

    Private Drug Rehab is a specialised company providing comprehensive treatment for individuals grappling with drug addiction. They offer a variety of services, such as detoxification, therapy, counselling, and sustained recovery support. A distinctive feature of their approach is the provision of luxury amenities, catering to clients who desire comfort alongside their treatment. These amenities might include private rooms, gourmet food, and leisure facilities. The company emphasises tailored care plans to meet the unique needs of each client. Key industry entities linked to their services include licensed therapists, medical detox centres, holistic treatment approaches, and aftercare support. Relevant keywords for their niche include addiction recovery, substance abuse treatment, luxury rehab, and personalised care.

  • Anormed

    Anormed stands as the premier referral agency specialising in connecting individuals with tailored rehabilitation centres. With a keen focus on individual needs, Anormed meticulously matches patients with top-rated facilities, ensuring optimal care and support. Leveraging an extensive network of rehab centres, Anormed delivers unparalleled assistance. Their commitment extends beyond mere placement, encompassing personalised attention and comprehensive support throughout the recovery journey. From detoxification programs to long-term rehabilitation, Anormed navigates the complexities of addiction treatment, empowering individuals to reclaim their lives with confidence and dignity. Dealing with alcohol, drug and behavioural addictions, Anormed is voted the best company for rehab referrals.

  • Alcohol Rehab

    Ocean Recovery is a UK based private alcohol rehab clinic.

  • Khiron House

    Our mission is to help people who go round and round in treatment to find their path towards health and recovery. Khiron Clinics aim to be that change through providing effective residential and out-patient therapies for underlying psychological t

  • Confidential Rehab

    If you struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, you may need to check into a confidential and exclusive addiction rehab facility. Substance abuse, or addiction, can seriously impact your physical and mental health; it may even impact your relationship with family members. Our luxury addiction clinics are easily accessible from the South of England, and various other areas in the United Kingdom. With our supportive team of addiction experts, you will receive quality care and guidance from your very first day. If you are ready to escape your addiction today, call us now and get help.

  • Rehab Clinics Group

    Private alcohol rehab treatment offered at Rehab Clinics Group has been designed for effective long-term addiction recovery.

  • Rehabs Asia

    Addiction and mental health rehab centres in Asia.

  • Step 1 Recovery

    Step 1 Recovery are a specialist provider of rehabilitation. We provide rehabilitation for a number of mental illnesses as well as addictions. We have helped those with mental illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety, Depression and Anxiety change their lives, but we have also helped those with alcohol addictions, cannabis addictions, gambling addictions and more pursue a life of abstinence.

  • Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation

    Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation are part of Greenside Veterinary Practice, offering specialist care and treatments for your pets. Specialist treatments available include: Stem cell therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, regenerative medicines, platelet rich plasma, laser therapy, elbow displasia, diagnostics and advice.

  • Abbeycare Scotland

    Abbeycare Scotland provides comprehensive residential detox and rehabilitation treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Our Scottish rehab centre is situated in Erskine, near Glasgow, within a scenic, residential setting, with 34 en-suite bedrooms.

  • Inpatient Rehab

    Addiction rehab centre in the uk for drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Drug Addiction Treatment

    UK drug rehab directory containing contact information for UK drug rehab clinics, and UK alcohol rehab treatment centres. Help for individuals experiencing drug and alcohol problems, substance abuse,

  • Rehabilitation centre

    Moreover, Moving Forward ARC's also offers drug and alcohol recovery like detox as well as case management & discharge planning for those who wish to achieve total recovery from their addiction.

  • Sober Services - Helping people attain and maintain recovery through professional services.

    Sober Services is a results driven, UK based organisation working around the world, utilising their one on one ‘Sober Body-Guide & addiction treatment model, which uses one experienced Sober professional to assist the client trying to become alcohol

  • Verve Health - Drug and Alcohol Rehab - Watton

    Verve Health is a Boutique Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centre based in Watton, they provide treatment to people dealing with addiction and mental health. They help patients recover from addiction using the 12 step program, detox treatment and therapy, so that individuals can live a long and fulfilled life in recovery. Verve use proven techniques for addiction treatment, they are also one of the only rehabs in the UK using newer treatment methods including Virtual Reality treatment. Verve regard themselves as an affordable luxury rehab, this is due to having all the amenities of a luxury rehab with a much lower cost than other centres.

  • Pain Control

    Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and easily understood guide for people of all ages and activity levels who seek relief from their pain our range of braces, supports and equipment can provide real benefits.

  • Alcohol Rehab Glasgow

    If you are looking for alcohol rehab in Glasgow, Rehab Guide can help. We specialise in the provision of reputable CQC registered and regulated alcohol clinic in Glasgow, Scotland and throughout the rest of the UK.

  • Asana Lodge

    Asana Lodge is a new deluxe private treatment clinic located in Towcester, Northamptonshire. The clinic provides medical and holistic excellence, delivering proven treatments for individuals experiencing problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, an

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