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  • Sagor the king

    Address : 880 W 16th St. Newport Beach, CA 92663 Phone : +1 360-328-1844 Complexions Vancouver MedSpa, we are trained with the most advanced and effective techniques. We are fully certified and well-aware of advancements in products, equipment, and services. It is our goal to stay up-to-date and provide the best care and experience to our clients!

  • Radon Testing and Mitigation Denver

    We specialize in radon testing and mitigatioin in the Denver area. The risks of having radon in your home can be very detrimental to your health. We reccomend having an expert come out and making sure it is safe. We also do radon testing for new home buyers to make sure they are making a very safe investment.

  • Medical Testing Solutions

    Medical Testing Solutions is the largest medical gas distributor in Pompano Beach, Florida. We provide new medical gas installation, construction verifications, medical gas equipment sales, and medical gas equipment service at the very best prices.

  • Peptides USA Research Chemicals

    Peptides USA is no newcomer to the world of research peptides. In fact, this chemical supplier and manufacturer have been in business for over 5 years and they grow from strength to strength as time goes by. We sell all peptide liquids.

  • SARMs Warehouse Research Chemicals

    SARMs Warehouse manufactures and sells Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). Please note at this point that these chemicals are available to licensed research establishments such as hospitals and trusted laboratories. Visit us now!

  • Medical Testing solutions

    Medical Testing Solutions is the industry-leading medical gas service and equipment supplier. We offer medical gas services including, annual medical gas testing, medical gas certifications for construction and preventative maintenance programs.

  • Inscopix Inc.

    Inscopix is pioneering a new paradigm in the quest to understand the brain and its diseases. Combining revolutionary technology and methods for the imaging of large-scale neural activity in a naturally behaving subject, Inscopix has developed the enabling means to relate causal neural circuit dynamics to corresponding behavior. With its nVista, nVoke and nVue system products, Inscopix is today disseminating these capabilities to neuroscientists across the world, empowering them to gather unprecedented data and to make new scientific discoveries. Inscopix Products: • nVue System • nVista System • nVoke System • Lenses & Viruses • The IDEAS Platform Inscopix Applications: • Calcium Imaging • Optogenetics • Blood Flow Imaging • Neurotransmitter Imaging

  • USA health Service Ltd

    Phone: 202-789-7000 Despite general public perception, the healthcare system of the United States does not deliver the best care it can (see Health Care Facts on this website). Yet, it is the most expensive healthcare system in the world. The A

  • Dynatec Laboratories, Inc.

    Dynatec Scientific Labs has been serving the Medical Device Industry since 1989. Dynatec holds recognition as a Small/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise with the State of Texas and the City of El Paso. Dynatec offers bilingual scientists that are fluent in English and Spanish. Dynatec’s experienced scientists utilize validated protocols and compliance regulations to ensure reliability and can help you with interpreting reports and specifications. Phone Number: 915-990-2941 Website:

  • Celiac Genetic Test

    The Celiac Genetic Test is a specialized genetic test designed to identify the presence of certain genes, specifically DQ2 and DQ8, which are associated with Celiac disease. These genes are required for gluten sensitivity to manifest as Celiac disease and tend to run in families, with up to half of the family members potentially carrying them if one individual is affected. The test employs a simple and non-invasive sample collection method using a buccal (cheek) swab, which can be conveniently conducted at home. This makes the test not only accurate but also user-friendly and minimally intrusive. The process involves a series of steps: the customer orders the kit online, receives it at home, collects the sample, and sends it back to the world-class CLIA-certified labs with the provided free return shipping service (applicable only in the US). Upon the sample's analysis, a secure, confidential, and easy-to-understand report is generated and delivered to the customer within a few days.

  • Celiac Antibody Test

    The Celiac Antibody Test is a crucial diagnostic tool aimed at identifying gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. This test examines the presence of specific antibodies—Immunoglobulin A (IgA) and Immunoglobulin G (IgG)—that the immune system produces in response to gluten, specifically for Tissue Trans-glut-aminase (h-tTG) and De-amidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP). The test utilizes a finger-prick method, which is simple and minimally invasive, to collect a blood sample. This sample is then evaluated through a highly sensitive FDA-approved immunoassay, ensuring accurate and reliable results. In addition, the testing service offers the opportunity to check for specific genes associated with gluten-sensitive enteropathy via a separate celiac genetic test.

  • Validated Claim Support

    At Validated Claim Support, we are an FDA registered and Inspected third-party laboratory that provides consumer product testing solutions. We have years of experience in ethically and accurately validating our clients' product label claims. Whether you need help with beauty product testing, cosmetic product testing, or product safety testing, we have got you covered. When you work with us, enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that our consumer and clinical testing laboratory is independently-owned and privately-held. More Informations: Business Email: [email protected] Business Phone Number: (201) 331-9300 Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm Appointment Required: YES

  • 12 Panel Urine Drug Testing Cup

    At 12 Panel Now, we are committed to providing quality products with the best price, directly to our valued customers.Headquartered in South Florida, we reside in one of the many communities most impacted by the prevalence of substance abuse. Upon seeing how our community was so deeply affected, we decided to seek out ways to provide low-cost methods of drug testing. We embarked on a venture to provide drug testing supplies that are fast affordable and accurate. We are now the fastest-growing drug testing supplier in America with over 5000 accounts of commercial users and counting. Our most popular product, the 12 Panel Urine Drug testing cup is now the best price in the nation. By keeping a substantial inventory, we can ensure same-day shipping on orders placed before 4:00 pm EST, as well as cater to the needs of our customers, distributors and wholesalers.

  • Biocompatibility Testing Labs & Microbial Identification Tex

    Dynatec Scientific Labs Provides Bacteriostasis, Fungistasis Testing, Microbial Identification & Water Testing Services. Scientific Laboratory Services in Texas.

  • Confidential Local STD Testing Centers

    Local STD Testing - Confidential, Convenient and Discreet. Local STD Testing For Herpes, HIV, Chlamy

  • Health

    Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is a top-rated US-based online Kratom brand providing Kratom to the customers. It has been a member of the US Chamber of Commerce since 2020. The diverse inventory - crushed leaf Kratom, powder, capsules, extracts, teas, tinctures, and soaps - sets this brand apart. Most importantly, the price for every product is unbeatable and is a source of attraction for thousands of regular and new Kratom lovers. Along with the decent rates, this brand offers different discounted opportunities, i.e., flash sales. Popular strains like White Vietnam, White Riau, and White Maeng Da are part of this sale.

  • Contract Diagnostics

    We provide data to help you review, understand, and negotiate the contract so you can feel confident in the decision. Believe it or not, we even make it a fun learning experience.

  • AliMed

    AliMed is a leading provider of medical, healthcare and ergonomic products serving all segments of the healthcare market including hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, private medical practices, therapists, and more.

  • Trinity Biotech USA Inc

    Trinity Biotech plc is a public company, specialising in the development, manufacture and marketing of clinical diagnostic products. For more details, you can contact at 800-325-3424.

  • Ventricular Assist Device - Heart Pump

    From the World’s first total replacement heart pump to the World’s smallest heart pump, Abiomed has developed a family of ventricular assist devices (VAD), namely the Impella® platform of percutaneous VADs . The range includes the Impella® 2.

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  • Proven Drug Testing Solutions is leader in helping people detox their body so that they can pass a drug test. In addition to our detoxification programs we sell drug testing kits to test yourself and drug testing solutions for the hair, urine & saliva drug test.

  • Pass Drug Test, Pass A Drug Test, Urine, THC Drug

    Quality Drug Detoxification Products to pass drug testing, THC and passing hair and urine drug tests

  • Ultrasound Portables

    At Universal Diagnostic Solutions (UDS) we sell new and used ultrasound imaging equipment as well as other diagnostic medical equipment. UDS has been doing business since 2004 and has a proven reputation for providing value, excellent customer service.

  • ARCpoint Labs of Tampa

    ARCpoint Labs is a full-service national third-party provider/administrator of accurate, reliable, and confidential diagnostic testing for individuals, companies, and legal and healthcare professionals. We’ve been in the drug and alcohol testing business.

  • Revive Research Institute

    Revive Research Institute has been offering public healthcare services since 2015. The CEO and President of Revive Research Institute, Inc. is Mazhar Jaffry, who founded the organization in the middle of Michigan. Outstanding accomplishments have been made by Revive Research Institute in the fields of innovation, performance, and high-quality healthcare. To attain excellence in performance, we have set goals for strengthening our network, improving operational execution, and increasing organizational efficiency. Over the past three years, we have greatly improved the efficiency of our procedures. Our main goal is to efficiently manage Clinical Research Center operations and tasks while managing 80 active studies, 10,000 patients in our database, 150 studies in the queue, and more than 500 registered patients.

  • Health Testing Centers

    Health Testing Centers is a company that is dedicated to assisting with the prevention and early detection of various diseases and medical conditions by offering high-quality testing services directly to patients, all at prices that are highly afford

  • Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park

    Test Smartly Labs Testing Centers are clean, comfortable, convenient and confidential. Affordable One-Stop testing for nearly every type of lab test including Drug and Alcohol, Court Approved Paternity, Legal DNA, STD’s, Allergy, Titers, Hormones an

  • Rapid Std Testing: Fast, Private and Affordable Std Testing

    Rapid Std Testing is USA leading Std Testing centers offer fast, secure and affordable std testing services. We have over 4000+ testing centers find your nearest std testing center and Get tested today.

  • Binx Health

    We seek to improve sexual health and wellness by providing convenient access to high-quality testing that prioritizes clinical integrity and consumer convenience. Our solutions are designed to break down screening barriers through discreet patient-tailored digital approaches that complement traditional brick-and-mortar care. In addition to our binx io molecular point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform for chlamydia and gonorrhea, the two most notifiable STI conditions in the United States in 2019, we offer a comprehensive digital program that includes access to evidence-based testing, counseling, treatment, and follow up aimed at increasing testing and reducing infection spread.

  • Test Smartly Labs of Belton-Raymore

    Test Smartly Labs Testing Centers are clean, comfortable, convenient & confidential. Affordable testing for nearly every type of lab test including Drug & Alcohol, Paternity, DNA, STDs, Allergies, Titers, Hormones, and Blood Tests. While we don’t treat sick patients, we fill the incredibly important role of testing for and identifying deficiencies, illicit drug usage, DNA and much much more. Our valued clients are Individuals, Employers, Small to Medium Sized Businesses, Social Services, Court and Government agencies including DOT. Walk-ins are welcome & insurance is never required. We offer fast turnaround, on-site testing and 24/7 mobile drug and alcohol testing. Whatever your needs, we have the solution!

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