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  • American Book Writing

    American Book Writing are designed to help to write better books in a short time. They offer different solutions for different needs.

  • Simon Worrall

    The author of two highly acclaimed books, The Poet and the Murderer (Dutton & Plume/Penguin Putnam USA, 2002; Fourth Estate UK), which William Styron called, “A gripping tale, done with great style and elegance, it held me in its spell from beginning to end,” has also been published in Spain and France. His second book, the novelized true story of his mother in World War II, The Very White of Love (HarperCollins, 2018), was referred to by The Sunday Mirror as “A powerful and tender tale of love and war.” His latest book, StarCrossed: A True Romeo and Juliet Story In Hitler's Paris, which he wrote with his wife, critically acclaimed Holocaust biographer, Heather Dune Macadam, is live now

  • R.W.R. McDonald

    R.W.R. McDonald is most known for his crime fiction novels, which have attracted readers from all over the world. He includes a lot of action in his adult fiction writings.They're hard to put down because they're full with suspense, mystery, and surprising twists and turns, and don't miss McDonald's latest publication, Nancy Business.

  • Book Publishing - Dancing Fox Publishing

    Book Publishing - Dancing Fox Publishing. Publish Manuscripts - dreams become books. We publish books.

  • Tamil New Novels

    Hi Hello Guys am New Here I like to read Tamil New Novels i have search many more place and i finally find the Ramanichandran Tamil Novels its very interted to read online..

  • Free Book Reviews

    Free Book Reviews is a blog that reviews indie books, interviews indie authors and generally talks about whatever amuses them in the literary world. If you are an author please feel free to submit your book for review and/or an author interview.

  • Sheila loves Books

    Immerse yourself in the world of romance at, where every page whispers tales of love and passion. Catering specifically to women aged 25-45, our site offers curated romance novel recommendations, heartfelt reviews, and exclusive interviews with your favorite authors. Join Sheila's community of book lovers and discover your next great read, explore hidden gems, and connect with stories that resonate with your heart. Begin your romantic literary journey today.

  • The Light Novel

    TheLightNovel is a reading platform where you can find tons of exciting and interesting books.

  • Mike Slosberg

    Mike Slosberg is a versatile writer and cartoonist living in New York City. His literary portfolio includes fascinating novels such as “A BABY TO DIE FOR,” “THE HITLER ERROR,” and “THE AUGUST STRANGERS.” Most recently he has focused his insight and wit into a collection of ten engaging tales titled “TEN STORIES TO READ BEFORE THEY BECOME MOVIES.”

  • Amish Fiction

    Author blogs on writing and the Mennonite lifestyle. Dianne Christner gives introduction to her books.

  • Papa Joe's Fantastic World

    Science fiction, fantasy and paranormal fiction by Joe Vadalma. Info and excerpts from his novels. FREE short story and serial. Blog about science, fantasy and writing subjects.

  • Computer room Equipment LLC

    Diversified Computerroom Equipment inventory include floor mounts, ceiling mounts, condensers, generators, UPS units, PDU's, raised flooring, fire suppression, cabinets, leak detection, discontinued equipment data and to name a few.

  • Buy Encounters Atlanta Atl eBook & Paperback Book Online

    Encounters is an original thought of one’s most personal erotic encounters. I created a male character by the name of Nova, as in the late Chevy Nova made by GMC. As an author, I’m in hopes that he takes readers for one erotic ride through the city of Atlanta.

  • Astounding 21st Century Sci-Fi, Horror, Adventure Classics!

    Astounding 21st Century Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Adventure Classics!

  • Maroon Books

    We sell used books of all genres- children books, educational books, novels, inspirational books and multicultural books.

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  • The Book is Alive!

    The book is an introduction into philosophy and deeper thought, wrapped in a page turning, coming of age novel. The book is a remarkable story of tenderness of spirit and the power of a strong will.

  • Military-themed novels

    Experience the adrenaline and honor of military life in Julie Bergman's riveting novels! Engage with stories that honor bravery, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of those in uniform. Explore military-themed novels at and immerse yourself in narratives that blend the intensity of military life with thrilling storytelling.

  • Anya here and there. Maria Danilova

    The life of little Anya flows measuredly and happily. In the summer - in the village, with blueberry glades, and tall pines and a warm lake. And in the winter in Moscow, with the Tretyakov Gallery and gifts from the "Children's World".


    Susan Lynn Clark, a licensed psychotherapist based in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Clark’s career has been defined by her dedication to working with underserved populations, particularly immigrants and refugees. Together, Abuk Jervas Makuac and Susan Lynn Clark’s unique blend of personal experience and professional insight makes “Women Caught in the Crossfire” a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and a deeper understanding of the human experience.

  • Bye-bye, see you in the morning! Cassandra Webb

    A sweet, funny poem about a boy who does not want to go to bed and offers his mother to put someone else to bed instead of him: a dog, a cat, a fish, a brother, a neighbor ... Is this a familiar situation for you? Of course, it's such a shame to go to bed when everyone is still awake, and there are so many interesting things going on around!

  • Stalinist nose. Evgeny Yelchin (PRE-ORDER) - Pgbooks Usa

    Sasha Zaichik will be accepted as a pioneer! The most important and happiest day of his life will come. After all, more than anything in the world, Sasha Zaichik wants to become like his father - a real communist, a hero who exposes spies and enemies of the people. But Sasha does not suspect what tomorrow will turn out for him. He learns the truth - about his father, about his family, about the country.

  • Mermaid Publishers

    The Mermaid Publishers are one of the best choice for the well-known authors across the USA. We are committed to serve any business, legal, personal development subjects or biographies. We are making your content available to the Public!

  • Poor bear. Fields Plavinskaya - Pgbooks Usa

    A cardboard book for the little ones, which embodies everything that is important for the first joint reading, when the child can leaf through the book himself and actively participate in the process. An interactive story about a poor bear who really needs your help! This is a book-game in which the reader takes a direct part, living with the bear for one day of his life. The child talks to the hero, can tickle him, pity him, stroke him, give five, yawn with him and, having wished the bear good night, go to bed.

  • Angelino Brown. David Almond

    Grouchy Bert Brown and his wife, Betty, have a little angel, Angelino. Their friends - both children and adults - rejoice at the cute creature: how pretty he is! He is learning to speak! And fly!

  • Devastation Point- 5 Years Post Viral Apocalypse

    Dystopian novel. The world collapsed after the spread of the hyper-aggressive H5N1 Avian plague. By simply breathing the air, billions upon billions died in a few months time. Follow one man's travels in an America turned upside down. Dialogue driven

  • Historical Fiction - Women's Books

    Online bookstore featuring the latest historical fiction about pre-20th Century kings, queens, mistresses, others. Historical romance, mystery, intrigue... movies, too.

  • Eric Valdespino - Author

    Alien Encounter Book in Henderson, NV

  • Website

    Rock and Roll Novel in Accord, NY

  • Natalie Parkes Author

    Natalie Parkes, the illustrious writer of romance and love, offers her readers a perfect chance to enter into passion-filled fantasies and rewarding adventures with her mastery of wordcraft.

  • Paper Ghost Mystery

    Paper Ghosts Mystery is a unique and intriguing organisation that offers interactive murder mystery games for players to solve. With a focus on storytelling and engaging gameplay, they provide participants with an immersive experience that challenges their detective skills and creativity. Through their website, they offer a variety of mysterious scenarios and puzzles for players to unravel, promising an exciting and captivating adventure. With a commitment to high-quality production values and immersive storytelling, Paper Ghosts Mystery stands out as a captivating and engaging platform for players looking to test their deduction skills and enjoy a thrilling mystery-solving experience.

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