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  • Queens Psychotherapy

    Visit the best Queens Psychotherapy and Counseling Center. Hal Brickman is a wonderful, caring, effective therapist and ready to help you change your life. Contact Queens Psychotherapy Center today.

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  • Peter Cousins, Ph.D., ABPP

    Address: 3701 Kirby Dr, #596, Houston, TX 77098, USA Phone: 713-523-5778 Website:

  • Liberating Lives Christian Counseling & Psychological Services

    Marriage Counselor in Norfolk, VA

  • Anger Management Long Island

    Hal Brickman professional Anger Management Therapists in Long Island. Mr. Hal all sessions help to manage anger, improve relationships, reduce depression and increase confidence level. Visit us today!

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  • Empire Psychiatry

    EMPIRE HAS YOU COVERED At Empire Psychiatry we’re in-network with most insurance plans and Medicare. Our staff will work with you to check your insurance plan’s mental health benefits - leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

  • Physiocare Singapore

    Rapid physiotheraphy singapore is one of the famous physiotherapic clinic in singapore.We have 18 years of experience in wild range of physiotharapic conditions.We are top most in all physiotharapic needs.our experts team will surely discover the sou

  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Los Angeles

    Ketamine is a glutamate (NMDA receptor) modulator, and is the only legal psychedelic medicine available to mental health providers for the treatment of easing emotional suffering. Studies have shown psychedelic assisted psychotherapy utilizes the acute psychological effects to enhance the normal mechanisms of psychotherapy. Ketamine is a dissociative drug, allowing the patient to achieve a state of dissociation of the mind from the body, look at experiences differently, thus allow changes to how one thinks and thus sees the world while in that state. As the Ketamine wears off, the memory of the trauma is still there, but the physical and emotional charge around it is lifted. Ketamine infusions are described as inducing a hypnotic or dream-like state. In this state the mind is more malleable, allowing the breakdown of psychological defenses, in turn accelerating processing of emotional material that would otherwise take months to work through. In other words, ketamine-facilitated.

  • Animo Sano Psychiatry

    Animo Sano Psychiatry treats a wide range of behavioral health conditions, including Depression and Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and sleep disorders, among others. In addition to the treatment of these noted conditions, Animo Sano Psychiatry also operates an ADHD Specialty Clinic.

  • Jennifer De Francisco

    Newport Beach Therapist Jennifer De Francisco Offers Pre-Marriage Counselling

  • Personality Door

    The Personality Door is a website that provides tips, research, and insights on personality. We aim to help people understand themselves and others better, unlock their full potential, and live their best lives.

  • Dr. Nick Bach, PsyD

    Hello. I specialize in Marriage Counseling, Individual Therapy, and Christian Counseling. I see clients in the office in Louisville, Kentucky (Middletown near Shelbyville Road), or via online therapy. I am trained in the Gottman Method for marriage counseling. For anxiety therapy and depression counseling, I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. I received both my Master of Arts in Psychology (M.A.) and Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degrees from Spalding University in Louisville, KY.

  • Dr Malcolm Anderson - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Malcolm Anderson is a Licenses Clinical Psychologist who works in the Peachtree Corners area. Dr Anderson provides counseling to individuals, couples, families. He is also LGTB friendly. Dr. Anderson does not accept insurance.

  • Christian Counseling

    JC Christian Counseling provides online counseling services to all individuals, adolescents, couples and families who need Counselors for depression, anxiety and stress, marriage, sadness, career, trauma, grief and loss and many more.

  • Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D.

    Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. is a Los Angeles licensed psychologist with 20+ years of experience, three psychology degrees, and many specialties. Dr. Thomas believes that it is important to find a psychologist who can work within a person's financial and emo

  • Rollin S Rhodes, PhD - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Rollin S Rhodes offers top notch psychological services for issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma through secure effective telehealth.

  • Psychological Treatment Center

    Psychological Care and Healing Treatment Center specializing in Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Personality Issues and Psychological Trauma. Leader in Intensive Pyschological Care and Treatment.

  • Susan M. Pava, LMFT

    Qualified psychotherapist Susan M. Pava helps you learn skills that will allow you to handle those painful feelings and thoughts causing anxiety, depression and other mood disorders more effectively so they have much less influence and impact over your life.

  • Website

    Based in Englewood, CO, our group therapy practice specializes in working with children, teens, and adults with ADHD, anxiety, trauma, depression, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We provide play therapy, child counseling, teen counseling, adult counsel

  • Island of Souls: Light within the Dark

    Throughout our human experience, we will feel both joy and despair in equal measure. The light exists, and so does the darkness. The international bestseller, Island of Souls, takes readers on a journey, sharing insights into silence and stillness along the way.

  • Springhill Group Counselling Blog

    Springhill Group Counselling aims to educate the public about counselling and psychotherapy

  • Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight (International)

    Dr. John Silver, Psychologist and Director of Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight, is certified as an Online Therapist, Sex Counselor, Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Modern Psychoanalyst, and Addictions Specialist. He has been in the Private Practice of Psychotherapy in Los Angeles for over 30 years and a Certified Online Therapist for over 20 years where he does Online Therapy Locally and Nationally. Dr. Silver has provided International TeleMentalHealth to people around the world, including Russia, China, Afghanistan, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, England, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Canada, and is a member of numerous International and National Professional Associations. Dr. John Silver, Ph.D. Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight (International) 2100 Sawtelle Blvd, #204, Los Angeles, CA, 90025 (310) 268 8282 Business Email: [email protected]

  • Mental Health Management Group

    The Mental Health Management Group provides compassionate and knowledgeable care for mental health, emotional, and behavioral issues. Adults, adolescents, children, and families receive a successful psychiatric medical evaluation, treatment plans, FDA-approved medication management, and therapies. Psychiatry, psychology, counseling, and medication management are all available. Dr. Troy P. Noonan, MD, Psychiatrist, has been helping adults, children, and families in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. Providing modern psychiatric care to meet the diverse needs of patients has resulted in our practice expanding, improving appointment availability, and offering lower-cost options, emphasizing Dr. Noonan’s burgeoning team of certified medical psychiatry practitioners. More people are seeking help to improve their mental health and to support family members who have emotional, behavioral, or mental illnesses.


    The Psychology Directory and News to Use at DotPsychology : find a psychologist and more.

  • Metis Center for Psychological Services

    At the Metis Center For Psychological Services, we focus on the needs of each patient and serve both adults and children. We provide a personalized approach and a supportive, non-judgmental space for working towards resolution of difficulties. Our therapists serve our patients in our three locations in Broomfield, Lafayette, and Durango, as well as remotely via teletherapy. We are in-network providers for most of the major insurance companies in Colorado!

  • Relationship Renewal

    Bud Harris defines himself as a husband, a father, grandfather, psychologist and Jungian analyst. Early in his life he earned a bachelor's degree in management from Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia.

  • Sports psychology | mental toughness | flow in sports

    Looking for Sport Psychology Expert? Meet Lior Doron highly experienced sports psychologist. Improve your sports skills and enhance your game.

  • PCI Westlake Center

    Through proven, research-based, methods the supportive and dedicated professionals at PCI Westlake Centers provide comprehensive psychological treatment to both individuals and families. We utilize a model of treatment that focuses on the wellness of both

  • Audacious Therapy

    Mindful counseling in Denver, CO for adolescent girls, pre-teen therapy, play therapy for kids, and postpartum counseling for new moms are the focus for Claire Eliassen, MA, LPC, founder of Audacious Therapy. Claire loves working with smart (and sassy!) kids who need mental health support. She has a soft spot for children labeled gifted and pre-teen girls needing counseling as they go through life transitions during the journey from childhood to teenager. Meet Claire and book a free consultation

  • Mile High Psychology | Denver

    Mile High Psychology offers therapy, couples counseling, and mental health evaluations. Accepting new clients. Telehealth and in person visits. Weekend and evening appointments. Meet with a licensed psychologist with more than 10 years of experience. Dr. Rob Leach offers CBT and ACT treatment for anxiety and depression and helps couples communicate better, find understanding, and find solutions. Dr. Laura Leach provides psychological and neuropsychological assessment with emphasis on forensic mental health evaluations. We integrate clinical experience and scientific knowledge with compassion and kindness to meet the diverse needs of our individual clients. At Mile High Psychology, your mental health and well-being is our top priority.

  • United States Psychotronics

    Education organization concerning scientific studies of the Mind-Body-Spirit interactions. We acknowledge psychic phenomena and explore new paradigms to explain such phenomena. Psycho - Mind Tronics - devices

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