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What does YKK acronym mean on the Zippers of the Pants?

Have you noticed that the YKK letters are present on the zippers of your pants? Although the initials appear more frequently in this type of garment, it is not something exclusive to them, since they can also be seen in other clothes that have said element. But do you know what its meaning is?  

Discover the great story of Rosa Ávalos-Warren, The Aerospace Engineer

Rosa Ávalos-Warren is a Peruvian who dreamt of being part of NASA from an early age and finally achieved it! She currently works as mission manager for manned space flights in this renowned US organization, where she has already led more than 20 missions since she joined in 2009. However, getting to where she is

Dissertation Literature Review: How, What, and Why

Students may struggle with the complexities of writing a literature review for their dissertation topics. To what end is this being done? Approximately how long should a literature review be? Specifically, how should it be organised?   Starting a literature review as a first-year college student without any prior experience in the field can be

Simple Writing Tips to Help You Improve Your English Writing Skills

Writing has become a crucial skill for everyone in this modern age, from all areas of life. Students, professors, and anyone who has studied the basics of writing would like to learn more about writing more effectively so that their readers may feel their ideas and feelings. However, English writing has always been difficult, especially

Benefits of using Function Keys from F1 to F12 on a Computer

What are function keys and what are they for? If you’re using your computer right now, take a look at your keyboard. Look at the top line. There are 12 keys that can make your life easier, but chances are you’ve never used them or don’t know what they’re for. They are called “quick function

How to Study for an Exam: Tips and Advice 

In general, having to prepare for an assessment is usually not an easy task. Many factors come into play such as learning ability and nerves. But don’t despair! In this note we will tell you how to study for an exam and we will see the best methods to learn. Keep reading and put these

How to become a Green IT Consultant?

How to become a green IT consultant? A diploma of baccalaureate level + 5 minimum is generally required to exercise the profession of green IT consultant although there is not yet any training really dedicated to this profession: The profession of green IT consultant calls on several skills and qualities: have extensive knowledge of sustainable

A Study reveals how Cyber-dating Aggression is growing among Adolescents

The study conducted by researchers Virginia Sánchez-Jiménez, María-Luisa Rodríguez-deArriba, and Noelia Muñoz-Fernández examined adolescents’ understanding of cyber-dating aggression in terms of frequency and aggressiveness: how prevalent they perceived cyber-dating aggression among adolescents to be and how aggressive they perceived such behaviors to be. Researcher Janine Zweig, from the Justice Policy Center in Washington, defines cyber

Tips to Improve your Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage our emotions. The skills contributing to emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. Emotional intelligence has recently become a buzzword in human resource departments around the world, but researchers are stepping out to say it’s time to take emotional intelligence seriously. Recognizing and

7 Top Interview Questions to ask Software Developers 

What questions should all developers ask in an interview? The interview is the obligatory passage before each new job. It’s always the same thing: we take a look at what the company does, often we skim over what it offers to keep our composure during our meeting with it. If they invited us, it’s good

What is Ethical Hacking? Is it a good career choice in 2022?

Ethical Hacking  According to a recent survey, if you are a certified ethical hacker, you can earn an average annual salary of $80,074. Depending on your education, experience, and organization, you can earn an initial income of $50,000 to $100,000 in a year. Certified ethical hackers with a few years of experience can earn an

6 Tips For Becoming An Interior Designer

If you happen to constantly receive compliments for the way you decorate your own home and the quality of your taste when it comes to crafting interiors, a career as an interior designer might just be waiting for you. . While it’s not an easy task, becoming a professional interior designer requires having an eye

How to use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge

How To Use The Immersive Reader In Microsoft Edge In this article, you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader and customize your reading experience. Options include useful tools like text size, read aloud, and grammar correction.   How To Enable Immersive Reader In Microsoft Edge Enabling (as well as disabling) Immersive Reader is

25 Language Learning Tips to Succeed

Surely you have heard thousands of tips for learning languages ​​and how important it is to learn them, right? And it’s true, today you need languages ​​for almost everything: jobs, access to studies, scholarships, etc. But not everything is work and money. Knowing languages ​​will also be useful for you to learn to communicate in

Seven Strategies To Boost Your Professional Life In 2022  

Here are Seven Strategies for those who focus especially on what “could fail” and, in fact, usually fail. Coherence  Don’t ask yourself “how I want my life to be”, ask yourself better “what I want to do every day”. There are no better goals, values ​​or lifestyles than those that YOU choose, yes, in a

Gardner’s 8 Intelligences Theory to Detect Your Talent

The American psychologist Howard Gardner, professor at Harvard University and Prince of Asturias Award in 2011, presented in 1983 the Theory of the seven multiple intelligences, based on learning processes and the functioning of the human brain focused on the field of education. In 1995 he added an eighth intelligence.   Following the Wikipedia definition,

How to Manage Your Time as a Graduate Student

Graduate school can be an exceptional opportunity to gain knowledge and upgrade skills required for becoming a true professional. This can be achieved in many ways: through research, internships, mentoring younger students, or even through a part or full-time job. With so many activities demanding their attention day after day, many beginner graduates find themselves

Shortage Of Full Time Teachers In America’s Schools

Shortage of full time teachers in America’s schools: Demand for alternative teachers increased, giving discount in college degree in new recruitment   Many schools were canceling classes, now studies are back on track.   There was a shortage of full-time teachers in a preparatory school in the city of Huntington in the US state of