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Apple gives 8 Reasons for Android users to Switch to iPhone 

Apple has started a campaign to switch to iPhone for Android users. The company has highlighted 8 such reasons why one should switch from Android to iPhone. Apple says that the iPhone is more secure. Also, in terms of speed, the Android phone does not stand in front of it. So let’s look at the

World’s Fastest E-Aircraft: Rolls-Royce’s ‘Spirit of Innovation’

Rolls-Royce’s e-aircraft has set a new record. The company’s all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft is officially the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft. It has set two new world records, which have now been confirmed. This aircraft managed to fly at a speed of 555.9kmph for a distance of 3 kms. With this aircraft, the company has

Why your business needs a Discovery Phase? The final outcome

A Discovery Phase is a critical study phase that precedes the development of any software or application. It’s a convenient tool that compiles all the well-considered facts collected in one location by an experienced team in product development. You have a robust development strategy in place that will assist you in evaluating potential partners and

NASA’s Mars Rover finds Hints of Life on Mars Millions of Years ago

NASA’s Mars Rover mission has recently revealed that there could have been life on Mars millions of years ago. This has been revealed from the samples taken from the ground by Curiosity, which has been roaming on the surface of Mars for 9 years. Analysis of samples taken from Mars According to the news of

Golden Blood: World’s Rarest Blood Type

The world’s rarest blood type is golden blood. According to scientists, this blood is found in less than 50 people in the world. Golden blood is present in the body of those people whose Rh factor is null. Such people lack 61 potential antigens in their Rh system, hence creating a risky situation for people

How to make a Zen Garden at Home

Zen decoration has gained a great boom due to the sensation of calm and harmony that it transmits. And it is that we all want to live in a comfortable and pleasant home in which we feel comfortable and stress-free. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor area, you can create a relaxing

Interior Design Tricks to Place Appliances

Here are some tips to take into account when placing appliances within an interior design project. We start with the dishwasher. When designing the layout of the kitchen, the height must be adjusted very well to prevent the ducts and the drain from being uneven. In the case of comprehensive reforms, it can be used

Useful Tips For Dealing With Migraines

Migraines are a terrible condition that can completely debilitate the sufferer. They are actually becoming more common, and although some people will only have to manage one once or twice in their lives, others will have them on a fairly regular basis. This can mean taking a lot of time off sick from work, missing

Wearing of Masks no longer Mandatory in UK

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has made a big announcement. He said that most of the restrictions imposed in the UK regarding Covid-19 will be lifted next week. He said that from January 24, the time of Covid isolation will be reduced to only five days. However, he also said that

Vegan Diet Consumption Gaining Popularity In Britain

Vegan consumption is increasing every year in the UK. Now the British are abstaining from eating a large number of non-vegetarian as well as milk products. To take this campaign forward, the people of England are taking the Annual Veganry Challenge every year in January. The British do not use milk, curd, cooking  oil along

 Microsoft Plans to Buy ‘CandyCrush’, will become the Third Largest Gaming Company

Microsoft has decided to buy ‘CandyCrush’ video game maker Activision Blizzard for $ 68.7 billion . This will be the biggest takeover in Microsoft’s 46-year history. Microsoft is also the owner of popular gaming consoles like Xbox. Activision Blizzard’s game lineup includes Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. According to Microsoft,

Body Cells that Immune themselves from Death

Scientists have discovered such cells, which can cheat even their own death. The cells of the body usually kill themselves by exploding at the time of infection, so that the infection does not pass on to other cells. The cells of the body can die in many ways, but now scientists have claimed that there

How the Brain Responds to Sounds while Sleeping

Do you know how your brain reacts to unfamiliar sounds while you sleep? According to experts, while sleeping, our brain is most alert about unknown and unfamiliar sounds.   Researchers did a study on this in which 17 volunteers were included. Of these, 14 were women who did not have any kind of sleep disorder.

 China Planning to make Artificial Moon with Zero Gravity.

Chinese scientists had claimed that their fake moon would be cheaper than the cost of street lights. In an area of ​​50 square kilometers, simulated moonlight will save 1.2 billion yuan, or $173 million, in electricity costs every year.   China is moving fast on its ambition to rule the world. After the fake sun, now

UK to trial Four-day Work Week for Six Months

The pilot project of the Four Day Working Week has started in (UK New Working Culture) from Tuesday. Private companies and organizations are involved in this six-month project. Companies will conduct a 4-day-week trial without any reduction in the salaries of the employees based on the 100:80:100 model. Under the 100:80:100 model, the staff will

Red Blood Cells Die Faster In Space

In a new study about space missions, it has been told that space missions start destroying red blood cells in the human body more rapidly. This can be a big problem, which can cause a lot of trouble not only for long-distance astronauts, but also for those travelling to space for tourism who are already