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Google pressurizes Apple to adopt the RCS standard in iMessage

Google has decided to increase the pressure on Apple to adopt the Rich Communication Text (RCS) standard in iMessage, the iPhone’s messaging app. On 9th August, the Mountain View company launched a page dedicated to the theme, in addition to having started a campaign on social networks. On the site, the search giant presents a

Bitcoin Market Launches Token with Expected Return above Fixed Income

Tokens are registered on the blockchain to represent assets of various types. Bitcoin is the leading token on the market, with a share of over 40% of the global capitalization. Ethereum is the most used blockchain for creating other digital currencies and smart contracts. The largest tokens in market value are digital currencies that electronically

Galaxy Fold 4 : Learn all about the Foldable Phone

During the Galaxy Unpacked event, today, Samsung presented the Galaxy Fold 4, its new top-of-the-line folding phone compatible with the S Pen. With a fold that allows you to extend the display area, the model comes to replace the Fold 3 and comes with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 5G and up to 1 TB of

Why is Polio resurfacing now?

After the detection of the poliomyelitis virus in London, it is the turn of the United States to face an identical situation. Following the confirmation of a case of paralytic poliomyelitis in Rockland County, New York, USA in June, federal health officials have stepped up surveillance for poliovirus throughout the state’s sewage. A few days

PIN-protected Printing now available in Windows 10

Microsoft is bringing PIN-protected printing to its Windows 10 operating system – a feature that actually premiered in Windows 11. The tech giant has a number of features it intends to carry over from Windows 11 to bridge the gap to Windows 10 more naturally, to be shared between operating systems in the near future.

Google Duo and Meet – ReBranding

The merger between Google Duo and Meet is finally underway and users are starting to see the changes on Android devices. Initial merge caused some confusion as different app names and functions are already confusing users. Things you need to know regarding the new partnership between Google Duo and Meet. Google Duo soon to become

Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft (BEHA): Economical than the Train

Researchers have developed a reactor that can produce a liquid fuel, like the kerosene that powers our planes, using only water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and solar energy. More precisely, from the heat that comes to us from the sun. Thanks to a concentrator that raises the temperature to 1,500°C and triggers useful chemical reactions in

Walking after Meals is beneficial for Health

Research suggests that walking as little as 2 minutes reduces risk of type 2 diabetes. Sitting, lying on the couch or in bed immediately after eating increases risk of obesity, as it directly affects the digestive system. Therefore, one should walk for 2 minutes after each meal. It is already believed that after eating you

Blue Origin sends 6 People into Space

Amazon founder Jeff Bezoss’ aerospace company Blue Origin sent six people into space on Thursday for space tourism. The company’s new Shepard spacecraft launched from Launch Site One in Texas. This spaceship took the passengers 107 km above the earth and from there the people came back to earth with parachutes. This space mission lasted

Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Tips for New Entrepreneurs Here are some tips that you may find useful. Fall in love with your idea, but be flexible Great ideas need to be implemented, but you need to learn how to shape that idea. Remember that your business should not only make you fall in love, but your customers should too.

Smart Farming Depends On A More Dynamic and Secure Network?

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, smart agriculture could make it possible to ensure our system’s resilience to climate change, but also increase agricultural productivity and income. In fact, the speed, reliability, scalability of networks and the IoT have fueled the fourth, so-called intelligent agricultural revolution, spanning the entire food

Portable console for Cloud Gaming

Tencent and Logitech are working on a portable console for Cloud Gaming. The two companies are collaborating with Xbox and Nvidia to integrate their cloud gaming services into the future machine . The latest portable console, Valve’s Steam Deck, already offers cloud gaming with Xbox Cloud compatibility, but it remains a very big machine. Computing

MaxBet offers dream vacations!

Want a holiday like a movie? Just imagine spending your vacation on a yacht! Either that, or winning the right amount of money to make your dreams come true and head to that spot you’ve always wanted to visit. Either by yourself, or with your friends, you can easily say goodbye and good riddance to

How to Negotiate the Best Contracts as a Freelancer

Many become freelancers to break free from the soul-crushing doldrums of traditional employment. However, this path is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot more to being your own boss than just setting your own schedule. For one, you’re responsible for negotiating your own contracts. Contract negotiation can be a tricky and daunting

The Cost of Living Crisis UK: When Will it End?

Anyone living in the UK will be aware that life isn’t getting any cheaper. Everyday there are new emails hitting our inbox telling us that our subscription costs are going up ‘for reasons beyond their control’. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+… all going up. Insurance costs, food prices – and what can we say about petrol,

Amazon carbon footprint increased by 18% over the past year

Amazon has announced that its carbon footprint has increased by 18% over the past year, reaching approximately 71.54 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). For reference, this roughly matches the numbers from countries like Austria and Bangladesh, and is a fair bit more than the 47.50 million tons of CO2 produced by the US government

A Research : By 2030, 78 million people will suffer from Dementia

Dementia is usually chronic or progressive in nature and results in deterioration in cognitive function beyond what would be expected from the usual consequences of biological aging. It affects memory, thinking, orientation, understanding, arithmetic, learning ability, language and judgement. Consciousness is not affected.   The impairment in cognitive function is often accompanied and occasionally preceded

Why we should keep Carpets Clean

There’s no denying that vacuuming carpets is a chore, but it’s one thing we all do to keep our homes looking and smelling great, right? But not all people do it. A survey conducted by smart home technology expert Proscenic has revealed that about one third of people don’t clean there carpets. Now, it’s possible

The World’s First Digital Ocean

French company Mercator Ocean International in Toulouse was chosen by Europe to create the world’s first digital ocean. The goal of this ocean is to run simulations to better understand the consequences of human activities on marine environments. The digital image of the oceans will thus represent a decision-making tool open to all and every

Smart 5G reflectors

French start-up Greenerwave has developed surfaces in the form of small plates whose structure reconfigures in real time to automatically redirect 5G waves to your receiver. The structure is reconfigured in real time to automatically redirect 5G waves to your receiver.  The device allows to redirect the waves of Wi-Fi, satellite, radar or even 5G

Mattress Outgassing and its Effect on Health 

Mattress outgassing is not harmful to your health, but it could trigger your allergies or give you a headache, depending on the severity of the outgassing odor. To speed up mattress outgassing, always open your bedroom windows before unpacking the bed. Take all packaging outside as soon as possible and unroll the mattress so that

What happens in the Body when the Brain dies

Here are the five phases the brain goes through before it dies.   The death of a loved one is a terrible and overwhelming ordeal for loved ones. Doctors who were unable to help their patients are no less affected by death. Yet the dying process is also a fascinating research topic for some scientists.

8 Embarrassing Daily Situations and their Solutions

Everyone knows their share of problems and embarrassing situations on a daily basis. Also better be armed when they happen: here are 8 solutions to some embarrassing problems for women, but not only.   1) Oily hair – Oily hair doesn’t necessarily indicate poor hygiene, but if it bothers you, do as the Hollywood stars

Washing Clothes With Vodka: A Tip For More Cleanliness

For anyone who thinks you already know all the home remedies for washing clothes: the ultimate washing machine trick with vodka. Vodka laundry to solve two problems at once.   There are all sorts of laundry hacks and home remedies out there – most of them from our grandmothers’ days. But you have certainly never

United States announces establishment of Agency in charge of UFO’s

The United States has just set up an agency whose mission will be to investigate abnormal phenomena detected by the army or government agencies. The organization is called All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Its creation was announced by the US Department of Defense on Wednesday, Slate said.   This office replaces the Airborne object identification