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Minimalist Interior Design – Three Practical Tips

Interiors decorated in a minimalist style are constantly popular. Their characteristic features are simplicity, functionality, orderly space and a virtually complete reduction of unnecessary elements. Thanks to this, minimalist interiors are timeless and relatively resistant to changes in trends in interior design.   Below are 3 useful tips on how to design and decorate a

12 Helpful Urban Gardening Hacks

Keeping a beautiful garden is a lot of work, but you can be more productive and work less effort with these great gardening tips. Grow vegetables in plain sight Grow vegetables and greens near your back door or house – you will see them often, remember to water them and they will be there when

9 Ideal Interior Design Tips

Whatever your design project, here a number of design tips to help you create your ideal home décor. From choosing the floor to painting the walls, tips are not just about functionality but also about creating an elegant environment. You will never have so much fun getting your hands dirty! To enjoy! 1 – Take

Beginner Gardening Tips

Gardening is not an exact science, as even the most seasoned gardeners often make mistakes, so novices shouldn’t be intimidated. Follow these beginner gardening tips. Know your region It may sound a bit obvious, but not all plants grow everywhere, so what you plant will depend on where you live. Take a look at the

Cyberbullying UK Report 2022

Cyberbullying UK Report 2022 About 40 percent of children in the UK are victims of cyberbullying: Report claims – Children are harassed through news, social media and online games in digital form. According to a new report by the UK’s Office of Communications (Ofcom), 39% of children aged 8 to 17 in the country are

iPhone 14 series expected to launch on September 13th this year

The launch date of Apple’s upcoming devices has been announced. According to the report, the iPhone 14 series, Air Pods Pro 2 and three Apple Watches can be presented at the Apple event in September. Whether this event will take place offline or online is not yet known. More information on this will be available

What’s the link between Obesity and Plastic Pollution

Due to Plastic Pollution gene responsible for Obesity is growing  in the body, forcing people to eat more. Global obesity has tripled since 1975. Because of this, obesity has now become an epidemic. Currently, more than 40 million children in the world are obese or have gained a lot of weight. At the same time,

Columbia Researchers develops material that would make Computers ultra-powerful 

Columbia researchers discovered that electronic and magnetic properties of this Quantum material are linked – a discovery that could enable both fundamental research and potential applications in spintronics. Information transmitted from computer  is stored in magnetic materials in the direction in which electrons spin. This makes devices lighter and improves their performance.   Columbian Researchers

Heat Spreaders developed to protect devices from overheating 

As Electronic devices become more powerful and smaller, they generate more heat, which can reduce their safety and lead to breakage. In recent years, engineers have therefore tried to develop strategies that could prevent the electronics from overheating. One proposed solution involves the use of heat spreaders, layers that promote the spread and dissipation of

AI to automatically detect and block Cyberattacks

A new method that could automatically detect and block cyberattacks on our laptops, computers and smart devices in less than a second has been developed by researchers at Cardiff University. It has been shown that this method successfully protects up to 92 percent of files on a computer from corruption, taking an average of just

Israeli Company develops AI that will help detect Drowning

Israeli Company develops AI that will help detect Drowning    Lifeguards in the city of Ashdod on Israel’s Mediterranean coast are testing an AI  program that will help reduce drowning deaths. An Israeli city is testing whether an artificial intelligence program that detects drowning threats can help save lives on its beaches. Developed by a

System Debugging: Advances in Software Vulnerability

 Software vulnerabilities are prevalent in all systems built from source code, causing a variety of problems including deadlocks, hacking, or even system failure. Therefore, early predictions of vulnerabilities are crucial for security software systems. To counteract this, experts at the Faculty of Information Technology have developed the LineVul approach and found that it increases the

Starbucks Plans to invest in Web 3.0.  

Starbucks sees NFTs as a new way to build loyalty. It won’t just be a matter of speculation for Starbucks, the company sees much further ahead for its first collection of NFTs. Starbucks announced earlier this month its ambition to invest in Web 3.0 with a collection of NFTs and the creation of a third

DeepMind Launches ‘Gato’ an AI that can perform hundreds of Tasks

The great challenge in the field of AI is developing a system that integrates an artificial general intelligence, or AGI. Such a system must be able to understand and master any task that a human being would be capable of. However, this week the DeepMind research lab just announced the release of Gato, an AI

Microsoft suspected of being favored by Anticor

The contract between Microsoft and National Education for the renewal of several hundred thousand jobs is in the sights of the anti-corruption association. According to this agreement, a hundred Microsoft software (from office automation to CRM, via ERP or content management) should be present at almost 800,000 national educational workplaces. The Anticor association, known for

The iPod journey has come to an End

Apple no longer makes iPods, which can only be purchased until stocks last. The tech company has officially announced this. However, you can buy it from Apple Stores until current stock runs out. The iPod was released 21 years ago on October 23, 2001. It was the first MP3 player that could store over 1,000

Britain to set up a Solar Plant in Space

Britain to set up a Solar Plant in Space UK Government is working on a plan to build a Solar Power Plant in Space. 50 UK engineering organisations, including Airbus and Cambridge University, have joined this government initiative. The UK launched an initiative last year to explore options in this direction. Its goal is to

Tips On Managing Construction On Rainy Days

When you work in construction, there are few things as frustrating as looking out the window in the morning and seeing rain. Rain can cause all kinds of disruption with construction projects and in the UK this can be a big problem! Statistics show that rain is a major issue in the UK with there

First Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Aircraft sets a New World Record

7,230 feet! This is the new altitude record for a hydrogen aircraft. The German manufacturer H2FLY accomplished this on April 13 with its four-seat aircraft HY4. The aircraft also set a second record, that of the first flight of a hydrogen aircraft between two commercial airports. On April 12, the HY4 covered 124 kilometers between

How to Maintain Your Pickup Truck’s Value

Anyone who has ever owned a pickup truck understands the advantages that it yields. From their powerful engines and endlessly customizable features to their durability, it’s no surprise that this vehicle type remains popular amongst many people. Some even prefer to have it as their company car. However, when a new model arrives, you may