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Viral Testing

Viral testing and clearance is an essential quality control procedure in manufacture process of drug and clinic products. Virus contamination is a terrible problem for which may cause bad effects on body, even severe illness.

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Viral Clearance

As a leader in virology service, Creative Biogene offers international viral testing and clearance methodologies as well as customized method development.

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Characterization Service

Creative Biogene offers a broad range of high-quality testing service for cell line characterization and virus bank characterization during the manufacturing process.

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Cell Line Characterization

Cell systems are used as tools and models for basic research and industrial applications over the last few decades. These cell systems rely on the use of cell lines.

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CT26 Cell Line

CT26 is a murine colorectal carcinoma cell line which is from a BALB/c mouse. The cell is a clone of the N-nitroso-N-methylrethane-induced undifferentiated CT26 colon carcinoma cell line. These cells are adherent and have a fibroblast morphology.

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Jurkat Cell Line

Jurkat cell line was established from the peripheral blood of a 14-year-old boy with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at first relapse in 1976; often this cell line is called "JM" (JURKAT and JM are derived from the same patient and are sister.

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Ba/F3 Cell Line

Ba/F3 cell line was originally deposited to our cell bank in 1992 as an IL-3-dependent mouse cell line derived from BALB/c mouse strain and has been distributed since then. Ba/F3, a murine interleukin-3 dependent pro-B cell line, is a popular system.

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HCT 116 Cell Line

HCT116 is a human colorectal carcinoma cell line initiated from an adult male. The cells are adherent with an epithelial morphology. Following implantation into immunocompromised mice, the cells form primary tumors and distant metastases.

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Histone Demethylases

Histone methylation at lysine and arginine residues is crucial covalent histone modifications in epigenetic regulation. They together with DNA methylation constitute hallmarks of epigenetic inheritance.

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Tyrosinase (TYR) is the key enzyme regulating melanin production in hair and skin in humans. Although melanin displays maximal optical absorption at ultraviolet wavelengths, melanin has a broad spectrum of optical absorption with significant absorpti

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Antibody Cell Lines

CHO cells are the predominant host used to produce therapeutic proteins. About 70% of all recombinant proteins produced today are made in CHO cells.

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Robust Tn5 Transposase

Transposase (Tnp) Tn5 is a member of the RNase superfamily of proteins which can catalyze the movement of the transposon.

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Phagemid Vector

Phagemid carries both a plasmid replication origin allowing isolation of double stranded plasmid from the cytoplasm of cells, and a replication origin usually from a single stranded phage such as f1, fd or M13.

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Genome Editing

Gene reporter is a useful in vitro tool that facilitates live monitoring and tracking a cell type of interest. Lineage reporters are created using minimal lineage-specific promoter-driven reporter systems.

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In contrast to most other DNA viruses, baculovirus gene expression occurs in four phases: immediate-early, delayed-early, late and very late.

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