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  • Car t therapy

    The typical structure of a CAR molecule includes a single chain variable fragment (scFv), a spacer, a transmembrane domain (TM) and an intracellular signaling domain.

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  • lentiviral vector

    Aiming at genetically modifying T cells with designed CAR, our scientists flexibly adopt versatile methodologies to transfect CAR construction into T cells, such as packing and transfection with virus based transfection methods.

  • Forensic Microscopes

    Our powerful Forensic comparison Microscopes helps forensic science and investigation to do there work properly.Discount microscopes for forensic study and use. Visit our site now.

  • Teaching Microscope

    We provides microscopes for teachers and instuctors in medical facilities, high school science labs and university college level biology laboratories.Utilize our multiple head teaching microscopes.

  • Test ADN France

    Reconnaissance de paternité par homeDNAdirect : test de liens de parenté et tous autres types de tests ADN vous permettant de mettre fin à toutes vos questions et doutes par rapport à qui sont vos vrais parents

  • Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Home

    Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, a leader in RNAi therapeutics, is developing novel therapeutics based on a breakthrough in biology known as RNA interference

  • Car t biomarker

    In a narrow sense of cancer biomarker, it is limited to proteins the most used to challenge in the clinical applications, especially in the CAR-T therapy.

  • Car design development

    In detail, CAR stands for chimeric antigen receptor or artificial T cell receptor, which is engineered elaborately and endowing an immune effector cell (T cell) with an arbitrary specificity via a monoclonal antibody.

  • Car t cell evaluation

    At Creative Biolabs, our scientists will professionally perform multiple evaluations on the post-transfection CAR-T cells to verify the solid success of CAR-T construction and superior function. With advanced technologies and experienced researchers.

  • Toll-Like receptor specialist

    InvivoGen provides innovative tools for studying Innate Immunity from the TLRs to the inflammasomes and antibiotics for cell selection or mycoplasma elimination. Our diverse product line touches many disciplines including RNA interference, Immunoglob

  • Veterinary Microscopes

    Veterinary Microscopes is a good source for microscope for use in a veterinary laboratory, animal clinic, or veterinary college.

  • DNA Testing UK

    Cellmark is the UK's most recommended DNA testing service.

  • Antibody Methods and Techniques

    Includes antibody search engines, methods, techniques, protocols, reviews, books, and forums.

  • Human Prostate cells

    The human prostate is a compound tubuloalveolar exocrine gland of the male reproductive system.

  • Microscope Component

    Toolmaker’s microscopes are able to view and measure hole diameters, linear distances, thread angles, thread pitch, tool edges, tool wear surfaces, and more!

  • Human Anatomy Online

    Best place to learn human anatomy online. Provides an effective explanation of human body that is easy to understand and remember

  • Everything Ladybug! The source for Ladybug Stuff!

    Find everything ladybug here! ladybug facts, products, crafts, art & more!

  • HyTest Ltd. Antibodies and Antigens

    Antibody development and production for cardiac markers area with over 20 years of experience.

  • Your Biology Video Sharing Community

    LabAction mission is to build a community that is highly motivated to watch and share biology videos

  • Biological Microscope is a supplier of biological microscopes, inverted microscopes; inverted biological microscopes. We offer Olympus CKX41, Olympus IX51, Olympus IX71, Olympus IX81, Motic AE20, Motic AE30 for use for versatile routine work and rese

  • Recombinant Antibody


  • International Elephant Foundation - Asian and Afri

    The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) supports and operates worldwide conservation and education programs of Asian and African elephants in human care and in the wild.

  • Premier Biosoft International

    Developers of software for molecular biologists and life scientists.

  • hfrr

    The HFRR that is High Frequency Reciprocating Rig, is a computer-controlled reciprocating friction and wear test system which provides a fast, repeatable assessment of the performance of fuels and lub

  • Cell Culture Products

    InVitria manufactures well defined cell culture products like CHO, Hybridoma, Vero, Stem Cells, Bovine Albumin, Microbial cell lysis, replacing bovine albumin & other Cell Culture Media Supplements

  • Aragen Bioscience Inc

    Aragen Bioscience offers cell line development, protein expression and purification, molecular biology, cell biology immunology, and diverse in vivo services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Our corporate offices and in vitro laboratorie

  • BioServe Biotechnologies Ltd - Genomics / Tissues

    BioServe provides genomics services such as DNA and RNA extraction, purification and synthesis, DNA methylation analysis, and a large repository of human tissue and serum samples for researchers.

  • Vescell -Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease

    Vescell is being used to treat heart disease - coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failur

  • Nelson Laboratories- Testing Labs

    Nelson Laboratories can complete a variety of microbiology testing in their testing labs including ames tests, biocompatibility, and others.

  • High Power Microscopes

    high power microscopes are used for viewing microscope slides containing biological specimens. Prepared microscope slides provide a quick method for learning about biology and how to use a microscope.

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