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Directory and Search Engine ListingYesYesYesYes
Social bookmarking to share your websiteYesYesYesYes
profile page with social media linksYesYesYesYes
Publish contact details including address with mapYesYesYesYes
Unique dashboard to update your details at any timeYesYesYesYes
Post interesting news articles about your websiteYesYesYes
Fast, same day review of your website(s)YesYesYes
Includes a 12 month website hosting couponYesYes
Email alerts if your website(s) go offlineYesYes
Page One Premium listing for one yearYes
Priority placement on search results pagesYes

A selection of recent customer feedback

Golammarufsha "You are doing really good and I'm proud of linking my site with you." 6 February 2016

Tomas Novosad "Awesome job with your directory! Keep it up guys." 6 February 2016

Urbanlocker "This is a very good site for business listing." 5 February 2016

Paul1211 "You guys are doing a great job indeed by sharing useful websites with people, so that they can utilize some of the best resources on the web." 5 February 2016

Tomas Novosad "Keep it up guys. I like that you're providing your audience with accurate info!" 3 February 2016

Artsil "Link Centre is the best directory. Prosperity 2016!" 31 January 2016

Londonguitar "Excellent! v straight forward! Thank you!" 28 January 2016

Chetna Dixit "Link centre is good web directory web site i also recommended you in my friend circle.thanks" 28 January 2016

Robert Moon "You guys are doing a fabulous jobs of promoting quality websites through which people can get quality services, I really appreciate your efforts kudos!" 25 January 2016

Philipp Kessler "Link center is a great directory, the only one you really ever need." 24 January 2016

Atuatsu1211 "You guys are doing a great job, by promoting new useful sites, so that others can gain benefit from them, I really appreciate your efforts keep it going." 23 January 2016

Permitsandvisas "im using Link Center since 2012 and i see we get quality services for you guys.Thanks" 22 January 2016

Buyoutdoor "Great web directory and easy to use! Thanks" 20 January 2016

Cranesheds "Very well, no issues with the site so far." 15 January 2016

Cdmarine "LinkCentre is friendly, simple, easy to find anything, nice design...In two words 'The best' !!!" 14 January 2016

Rob Cann "Great submission engine - fast, reliable, clear." 14 January 2016

Marvinhernandez "One of the best web directories. Great and easy to use." 12 January 2016

4luckybee "Happy New Year to our favorite directory!" 31 December 2015

Centremete "Thank You so much for listing our website." 26 December 2015

John Suarez "Good directory. Love the design, the features and the fact that it's so easy to use." 25 December 2015

Avinashbcltd "One of the great directory submission website.. Thanks" 25 December 2015

Shubhaminc "Linkcetre seems to be a very good resource, keep on going guys!" 24 December 2015

Tcshouston "I've been hearing good things about linkcentre and would love to test it for our business." 23 December 2015

Blkhospital "i like this website... and its secured i.e. https" 22 December 2015

Atuatsu1211 "Your doing a great job by promoting the content that users want, really appreciate your work a lot keep it up!" 19 December 2015

Susan Jenkinson "An easy to use site. A really positive experience." 19 December 2015

Larryc "Linkcetre seems to be a very good resource, keep on going guys!" 9 December 2015

5stardesigners "It is good resource for niche web design directories." 8 December 2015

Feline Frisky "Great! Easy to use submission process. Clear instructions. Upfront costings." 4 December 2015

Atryo "Good to have found this site. Makes life so much easier" 4 December 2015

Gerhard van Rooyen "Think I have found the site to where I can return many a time in future" 4 December 2015

Coffeesudoku "LinkCentre has a unique interface and we're excited to spend more time on this website in the future!" 4 December 2015

Ambit "I liked the categorization and structure of the website. Submission process in really smooth." 2 December 2015

Shubham verma "Great work done by you Guyz keep it up..." 30 November 2015

Saqib khan "you have provided a nice way of uploading web site details and personal contact details." 27 November 2015

Ksinfotech "You guys are doing great. I always prefer your directory first." 27 November 2015

Jason Miller "Please continue supporting businesses like us" 27 November 2015

Tourinfonepal "we found your site is so valuable and useful." 26 November 2015

Sudeep Chengappa "Submission process is excellent.Great job!" 19 November 2015

Clarkpeterson "Awesome directory with hassle-free process and registration." 16 November 2015

Sonuwsd "Hii have got your url one of my client your service is really great as they approved confirmation on asap. please add my url asap.thank" 3 November 2015

Anne Harper "A powerful directory that includes all useful links all over the world." 31 October 2015

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