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Directory and Search Engine ListingYesYesYesYesYes
Social bookmarking to share your websiteYesYesYesYesYes
Customisable profile page with social media linksYesYesYesYesYes
Publish contact details including address with mapYesYesYesYesYes
Unique dashboard to update your details at any timeYesYesYesYesYes
Post interesting news articles about your websiteYesYesYesYes
Fast, same day review of your website(s)YesYesYesYes
Includes a 12 month website hosting couponYesYesYes
Email alerts if your website(s) go offlineYesYesYes
Page One Premium listing for one year1 page one Premium listing for one year10 page one Premium listings for one year
Priority placement on search results pagesYesYes

A selection of recent customer feedback

Chloecrawford "A great place to publish a business. Keep going that way!" 30 June 2016

Handyrubbish "Easy navigation and helpful field descriptions." 28 June 2016

Catalina's Catalina's Cust "This site is so better now than before and i hope it will improve more" 28 June 2016

Lahoreescorts "i found this website in google this is very helpful website and easy to submit information" 28 June 2016

Paolo Lugara "Amazing directory and excellent service! Also it is pretty intuitive to navigate. I will definitely spread the word about this website to all my friends. Great job!" 26 June 2016

Chrismaq "One of my favorite directories of all time." 23 June 2016

Bestmesacarpetcleaning "Very easy to navigate this site! Great job!" 21 June 2016

Clifford Smith "This is a great platform for clients to see our business." 20 June 2016

Hilton Worldwide "Thank you for your continuous on-time support." 20 June 2016

Twentyfoursevenhotels "You are really a big help on building up of brand." 19 June 2016

Hairfreelasercenter "Thank you so much. (Editor: You're welcome!)" 16 June 2016

Abeey1842 "I found this site very helpful for prompting my company. Thank you for all the effort to do the wonderful job." 16 June 2016

Careernigeria "I really like your verification process for the website you list on your website to ensure they are genuine." 16 June 2016

Apostille "You have very useful and well structured website" 16 June 2016

Pat Ottrebocks "You guys have been nothing short of spectacular, your hard work is not unappreciated!" 13 June 2016

Alex Johnson "Guys, you are doing such a fantastic job.. I really appreciate it...Keep it up !!!" 13 June 2016

Wphostninja "You are doing an awesome job. Thanks for this." 7 June 2016

Dominicanhaircare "So far so good. Process has been straight forward and smooth. It is obvious a lot of effort is put into ensuring only good quality sites are added to the directory." 5 June 2016

Mrush "The process was very easy and well-explained." 3 June 2016

Anthony Jones "I really like the ease of use of the dashboard and the site in general." 2 June 2016

Ian christian "seems a good website, everything is clear and fast to use." 2 June 2016

Natasha Sean "It's good to see this website. I will surely refer it to all my friends" 2 June 2016

Npmllc "This was a very good experience. i recommended this site to my brother he owns a roofing company. john beal" 1 June 2016

Tclk8990 "Love your site ! very easy to navigate and free from stress of broken links." 1 June 2016

Rahul Kulkarni "many thanks for the gud work guys. highly appreciated" 31 May 2016

Rock Lee "Love the website thank you for the link opportunity." 31 May 2016

Hillwalktours "Excellent platform for submitting websites, really well laid-out in an easy-to-use form." 30 May 2016

SHASHI BHUSHAN "Your website is very good. Quite user-friendly and easy to use." 27 May 2016

Mike Refaw "I found you on search engine and I am totally impressed how your website helps me to promote my company. Thank you" 27 May 2016

Carpetclean59 "We are really impressed with your site. Thank you for providing such a great service for small businesses." 26 May 2016

Mdsagarali "This website is very effective for seo learner." 25 May 2016

Waseem Akhter "I visited before and found the site doing perfectly good for the users and quite interesting to look for the good website in different categories." 23 May 2016

Vidhya Shankar "We found you through google while looking for best online business directory." 22 May 2016

Corteztreeservice "good site, but should have more categories (Editor: please use the feedback for to recommend new categories)" 20 May 2016

Fthiele "Link Centre is great! It's easy to use and run by real people!" 20 May 2016

Lakshyadhillon "Link Centre is best directory I think, the toppest and good one. Good Support and Designs." 20 May 2016

Ellie pennington "very easy process to follow on sign-up. Thank you guys!" 20 May 2016

Drzumba1 "Mmmm,where can i start!! so far so good you are really doing good your services are more than helpful to all of us who advertise business thank you so much and really keep it up.." 20 May 2016

Daniel david "You guys are doing good job God Bless you. keep it up" 19 May 2016

Raul Val "I like how easy and accurate is this directory. Good job guys!" 18 May 2016

Season21 "This website is very popular for business listing, I like your website." 17 May 2016

Aac001 "Smooth, easy navigation! Simply laid out directory." 17 May 2016

Wild90911 "Great site. Nice layout and easy to use. Comprehensive categories to choose from." 17 May 2016

Moysatos "nice very user friendly thanks in advance" 16 May 2016

Lobobrandon "Darn good, the only reason I am submitting here :)" 14 May 2016

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