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 Testimonials   posted 23 October  "great." - it Codicepaleo          posted 22 October  "Your website submission method is very straight forward and simply and easy to relate to and fill out!Thanks for not making it too complicated and technical!" - bb David Aswat          posted 22 October  "Excellent!" - za Lindajvv123          posted 21 October  "Doing Great!" - us Coachm1ke          posted 21 October  "link centre is great website and really helpful for expanding business." - in Himanshkumargarg           read more

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Promote your websiteYesYesYesYes
Social bookmarking to share your websiteYesYesYesYes
Customizable profile page with social media linksYesYesYesYes
Publish contact details including address with mapYesYesYesYes
Unique dashboard to update your details at any timeYesYesYesYes
Number of websitesThreeUnlimitedUnlimited
Post interesting news articles about your websiteYesYesYes
Fast, same day review of your website(s)YesYesYes
Email alerts if your website(s) go offlineYesYes
Page One Premium listing for one yearYes
Priority placement on search results pagesYes

A selection of recent customer feedback

David Aswat "Your website submission method is very straight forward and simply and easy to relate to and fill out!Thanks for not making it too complicated and technical!" 22 October 2014

Andrew Lee "Great source for SMEs with limited budget" 8 October 2014

Nicholas Marquess "I love the layout of your site very smooth and clean looking, very easy to use as well" 5 October 2014

Matthew Snavely "Sign up process was easy and straight forward, looking forward to see the impact it has on our brand." 3 October 2014

Winops winops "Great job..! One of the best sites that is being properly maintained." 1 October 2014

Lance Manyon "So far so good, no problems at all. Thank you." 25 September 2014

Keval Kothari "Great Opportunity you guys are giving to start ups... thanks for your services" 18 September 2014

Honest Abe "By the feedbacks coming from my friends, your website is high ranking in any search engines, so I want to try your services to see it myself." 5 September 2014

Sukhpreet kaur " is really good website for directory submission.It is secure." 7 August 2014

Julian Spade "Excellent! :) This is quite a nice directory." 28 July 2014

Himanshu Tiwari "I found your site through google. Cool directory with lot of useful links." 27 July 2014

Rosie ellen "Thanks for all the great work . I have always admired this site and your work ." 22 July 2014

Tony Nguyen "Linkcentre looks very intuitive and easy to understand!" 20 July 2014

Adil shah "excellent job, i am using this service 2nd time." 19 July 2014

Ibrahim ibrahim beno "i like this site special the design, it's cool" 19 July 2014

Pedro Pereira "Great website. Simple and easy to follow up!" 18 July 2014

Dion Honeman "Awesome....great business sharing service..." 16 July 2014

Neetu Dhaliwal "My friends have used Link Centre and very happy to add their business on Link Centre." 15 July 2014

Raven ravenhawk "i heard many good reviews that you are very good and that's why i am here :)" 15 July 2014

Jan Hansen "Very professional and easy to use portal. Good layout." 10 July 2014

Anders Skorstensgaard "Seems like a professional site, with great exposure." 9 July 2014

Rochstad Allister "Awesome...! such a great service provided by you that help me to grow my business." 9 July 2014

Edward Kessler "Linkcentre is a great platform. Real awesome" 8 July 2014

Md Kamrul Hasan "Really Fantastic Service . I am overwhelmed with it's service." 8 July 2014

Khawla azwar "Excellent. Great platform for people like me." 7 July 2014

William D Melvin "Awesome. Great site for everyone.A must for Add Url.William D Melvin" 3 July 2014

Henrik Hjetting "Very neat site for business listning. All positive" 28 June 2014

Robert Key "You guys are doing great by providing a platform for businesses to expand thanks a lot; I sincerely appreciate the efforts which you are doing. Keep up the good work." 25 June 2014

Zed Smart "Really coming up good, proud to be on Link Centre." 24 June 2014

Jahbuzor Eze "It's just fantastic. Keep on the good work." 21 June 2014

Nikolaos Taskos "really good :) I would like to thank for giving the opportunity to my SME to get the visibility it deserves! Thank you!" 18 June 2014

Jason Sayers "The website is very user friendly and is straight forward." 18 June 2014

Milisa Sammaciccia "I think you're doing great! Easy to submit." 18 June 2014

David3 "This is really a very good site for listing. Next time i will be listing my site as a premium user." 14 June 2014

Mustafa pilavc? "It's a fantastic directory for web sites. Thank u all." 12 June 2014

Safasilver safasilver "you are so much useful of all the business needs kindly i am thanking you" 11 June 2014

Hensen moran "excellent, simple UI but useful information!" 11 June 2014

Marry Watson "Great Service! I truly appreciate it and I highly recommend to my CEO colleagues" 11 June 2014

Mahmudul Hasan "This is really a very good site for listing. Next time i will be listing my site as a premium user." 10 June 2014

Abubakhar Idrissa "I admire your service, this is my first time but i like how the service is well arranged" 9 June 2014

Lawrence Reid "It's fantastic to see a directory that continues improving and growing!" 28 May 2014

Mehallel Sarah "thanks for creating this great initiative..." 27 May 2014

Peter Francis "So far so good. I've found the site easy to use." 26 May 2014

Isabell Isabell "I wish i find your site a long time ago. Thanks for this opportunity to submit my firestone coupons community fanpage." 23 May 2014

Nicole Flores "Great service, user friendly! Will upgrade my plan when my site has more content...Your free membership option is great for start-up businesses on a budget! Thank you!" 22 May 2014

David3 "Awesome! The best place to be on the web if you are in business!" 16 May 2014

Christina Paus "personally, i like your site very much, easy navigate. Cool rules" 16 May 2014

Andrea Ramsay "you are doing really good. I mean providing a platform for buisness listing with such a nice design and simplicity is great!!! I am really thankful to you for such a great website where i can list myself." 13 May 2014

Selene Stephens "You are doing great job. I love the simple design and layout." 10 May 2014

Keith Krager "This is a great site and easy / friendly to use." 5 May 2014

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