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  • Cartoner, Overwrapper, Sleever | ELITER Packaging Machinery

    LogoÉLITER - a Chinese manufacturer of secondary packaging machinery, a family business in the packaging machinery industry for three generations. Our packaging automation solutions cover from cartoning to cardboard sleeving and film overwrapping.

  • Dna Packaging Systems

    manufacturing and exporting a wide range of packaging materials that includes plastic packaging products, packaging carton box, industrial packaging pallets, goods packaging material, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, paper pallets, metal pallets.

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  • Máquina Estuchadora Automática

    Estuchadora automática de elevada automatización que trabaja con estuche prepegado. Ideal para productos individuales o multipaquete. Los estuches cerrados de cartón prepegado se liberan con cuidado y precisión desde el almacén y después se abren para recibir el producto en el interior. La introducción se realiza con uno ¡o varios empujadores¡, que operan en un carril paralelo. El cierre de las solapas laterales puede efectuarse gracias a la aplicación de un punto de cola o con el sistema «tuck-in» de encaje.

  • Glass bottles for juice storage

    MC Glass top China glass bottle manufacturers wholesale juice glasses factory producing 250ml glass bottle wholesale and 500ml glass bottle wholesale for organic juice brand packaging. Boston round bottles and french square bottles are in stock with fast delivery.

  • Automatic Overwrapping Machine

    Market-leading film overwrapping packaging automation solutions. China's top leading automatic overwrapping machine with maximum output of 100ppm and perfect film wrapping performance.

  • Multifunctional X-ray Inspection

    The umbrella covering operational excellence is widening and encompasses the methodologies of Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, PDCA and other models to help you with your continuous improvement efforts. While you’re striving to reach your goals through these and other initiatives, optimizing x-ray technologies not only find and reject contaminants but offer many other capabilities for improved safety, quality, traceability and productivity to help you meet your targets.

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  • Coffee Sachet Cartoning Machine

    Automatic cartoning machine for instant coffee in sachet and pouch with servo motor driven infeed system.

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  • Cellophane overwrapping machine

    The purpose for which we wrap our product with a film out layer is for sake of preventing the product, both the out packaging like carton and its inner containment from the contamination and affections of elements and facts from the exterior environment. Or to put it in a word, for purpose of conservation but also the aesthetic – appealing appearance. ÉLITER´s lasting endeavour in offering customers with best-in-class overwrapping solutions has been recognized both in local and international market. Our BT-2000 Overwrapping Machines are the top leading overwrapping solutions avilable in the Chinese market.

  • Yashtech Trading LLC | Consumable Suppliers in UAE

    We are Yashtech, one of the leading Consumable Suppliers in UAE as well as around the world. We specialize in labelling and printing solutions, catering to a wide range of industries such as hospitality, aviation, retail, logistics and BFSI.

  • Sana Packaging

    Sana Packaging is a packaging brand that designs and develops sustainable packaging for a circular economy using 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean plastic, and other innovative materials.

  • Buy Packaging Machine from China

    Purchase and import packaging machines and packaging machinery from China is a complex topic to discuss. ELITER Packaging Machinery has elaborated a detailed guide with cracking tips for you to find out the right option in the packaging machinery market in China.

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  • Blue wine bottles for sale

    Find glass bottle manufacturers offering blue wine bottles for sale and a company that ships glass for a glass manufacturer, MC Glass is China glass bottle factory supply mini liquor bottles for sale and old whiskey bottles for sale.

  • V?n chuy?n hàng ?i V?ng Tàu

    Là thành ph? l?n trong Vùng kinh t? tr?ng ?i?m Nam b?, V?ng Tàu có n?n kinh t? n?ng ??ng v?i th? m?nh v? d?ch v? d?u khí, c?ng bi?n, ?ánh b?t th?y s?n và du l?ch. N?m trên th?m b? bi?n c?a m?t khu v?c giàu d?u khí và khí ??t, V?ng Tàu là c? ??a c?a ngành d?u khí Vi?t Nam. V?ng Tàu ???c nhi?u ng??i bi?t ??n không ch? v?i hình ?nh m?t thành ph? bi?n t??i ??p, quy?n r?, mà còn là m?t trong nh?ng ??a ph??ng làm t?t công tác xúc ti?n ??u t?, thu hút các ngu?n v?n trong và ngoài n??c. Nhu c?u giao th??ng v?n chuy?n hàng ?i V?ng Tàu c?ng r?t nhi?u, chính vì th? có nhi?u công ty chành xe v?n chuy?n hàng ?i V?ng Tàu ra ??i. Công ty V?n T?i Sài Gòn 24H ???c thành l?p n?m 2017 v?i nhi?u n?m trong l?nh v?c v?n t?i B?c Nam m? r?ng tuy?n v?n chuy?n hàng ?i V?ng Tàu t? Hà N?i và Sài Gòn v?i 1-2 chuy?n trong ngày.

  • Vận chuyển hàng đi Ninh Bình uy tín

    Với hàng nguyên lô 15 tấn hay 8 tấn khách hàng có thể đi nguyên chuyến để thời gian giao nhận hàng nhanh nhất và giao hàng theo thời gian chỉ định của khách hàng yêu cầu. Với những đơn hàng lẻ thì khách hàng chọn phướng án đi ghép, thời gian giao nhận hàng thường chậm hơn so với nguyên chuyến thường là 1 ngày. Thì cách tính hàng ghép vận chuyển hàng đi Ninh Bình công ty có cách tính như sau. Với hàng nặng bê tay vận chuyển đi Ninh Bình đơn giá chỉ 1.800đ/kg , hàng máy móc hàng cẩu đơn giá là 2.000d/kg. Với đơn hàng trên 3 tấn tuỳ theo địa chỉ công ty sẽ hỗ trợ xe lấy hàng và giao hàng tận nơi theo yêu cầu. Đơn hàng nhẹ công ty sẽ tính theo số khối diện tích hàng hoá , cách tính khối : dài *rộng*cao* tổng số thùng ( đơn vị là m). Đơn giá hàng khối là 450k/khối. Số lượng trên 16 khối công ty sẽ hỗ trợ lấy và giao tận nơi tuỳ vào địa điểm lấy và giao hàng. Hotline (24/24): 0931.555.968 Mr.Tiến

  • Packaging Industry B2B Portal | Packaging and Labelling Manu

    Packaging and Labeling, the leading B2B portal in Packaging industry has 11 years of web presence and it creates a platform for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers to enhance business productivity. This portal, just like our other counterparts, aims to facil

  • Self storage

    If you are looking for dry, clean and safe storage, Shurgard Self Storage has the answer. We also provide moving boxes.

  • Công ty TNHH Khang Trang

    chuyên t? v?n, s?n xu?t và cung c?p v?t li?u ?óng gói x?p PE Foam, màng c?ng PE, màng chít cu?n pallet, màng gi?m ch?n,...Ph??ng châm ho?t ??ng c?a công ty là cung c?p s?n ph?m ch?t l??ng t?t, ?? b?n cao, v?t li?u s?ch an toàn v?i s?c kh?e, thân thi?n v?i môi tr??ng cùng giá c? h?p lý. Website:

  • ELITER Packaging Machinery - Excellence in Overwrapping

    ELITER Packaging Machinery has delivered for MONOS Food JSC the BT-2000L automatic overwrapping machine for their site in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to enhance overwrapping packaging automation in their production.

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  • Soap cartoning machine

    Cartoning machine for soap available for both tuck-in carton and glue-sealed carton. The sealing of glue flap is realized by a pair of SMC or Air-Tac Pneumatic Cylinders coordinated with a series of signals and signs through photo-eyes and PLC. Some of the components: Siemens Smart Line PLC Focke Meler Glue Melter B4 SMC / Air-Tac Pneumatic Cylinders SICK or OMRON sensors Visit ELITER Packaging Machinery to find out your soap cartoning automation solutions.

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  • Davpack Packaging Supplies Manufacturers

    Get the best in-stock choice of cardboard boxes and eco-friendly packaging supplies at Davpack! Super fast shipping across the UK. Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, London, etc. Find out why we are the Uks no1 packaging supplies manufacturer

  • Polythene UK

    he UK's largest independent supplier of polythene packaging, Polythene UK is the award-winning polythene supplier for your packaging requirements. We can supply you with our exclusive range in any.

  • Calico Bags Australia

    Calico Bags Australia is a preferred supplier of custom printed & plain cotton bags within Australia. We provide several styles of calico including coloured, drawstring, long and short handle, canvas (heavy-duty cotton), jute, non-woven and more. Al

  • Zorlu evden eve nakliyat

    Zorlu evden eve nakliyat

  • Printed Tape

    Printed tape advertises and promotes, enhances the appearance of your packaging, acts as a security seal & can be used to carry up to the minute promotional messages. Printed shipping tape is very effective advertising tool for any company. We have be

  • Redmont Packaging

    Redmont are a wholly independent company supplying all types of packaging materials to end users, packing houses and marketing companies. Redmont supply all types of packaging including our readily available, comprehensive range of stock and made to order bespoke items. Products supplied include padded envelopes, mailing bags, eco packaging, bubble wrap, tape, polythene packaging, boxes and cartons, bubble bags, packing foam and more. A professional, reliable and friendly company delivering exceptional value and customer service. Redmont are able to advise on the best packaging solution available and our expert Sales Department can provide a bespoke and tailored design service to meet your exact requirements.

  • Globe Packaging | Distributor of Packaging Supplies

    Globe Packaging has long been established as a leading mainstream distributor of industry-standard packaging materials and solutions throughout the United Kingdom. We offer high-quality packaging products including cardboard boxes and cartons, packing tapes, protective and postal supplies, and more.


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  • Arunsiam bag premium plastic gift in Thailand

    Arunsiam: a leading and experienced bag premium plastic gift packaging in Thailand

  • QIS Packaging Calico Bags

    Looking for high quality calico bags for your business? QIS Packaging has a huge range of calico bags, available in a wide variety of sizes. Their selection of calico bags includes plain drawstring bags, calico bags with two handles and calico bags with s

  • Wholesale Packaging Supplies | Gift Wrapping Supplies | Bags

    Bags Direct, Inc. Is the complete source of packaging materials and shipping accessories. Order our high quality poly bags, paper bags, wrapping sheets, and other shipping supplies at affordable rates.

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