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  • History Colorado Center

    History Colorado offers the public access to cultural and heritage resources of Colorado, including museums and special programs for individuals and families, collection stewardship of Colorado's historic treasures, educational resources for schools.

  • Liberty Classroom

    Founded by Tom Woods, offers on-demand, downloadable courses in sound economics, US History & Western Civilization taught by trusted professors. Learn at home, in your car, a little each day.

  • Hari sumpah pemuda

    Hari sumpah pemuda, sejarah sumpah pemuda, sumpah pemuda.

  • Walking Tours London

    Based in London Black History Walks offer a guided tour of areas that where influential within black history throughout London. Their guided tours are a great way to learn about the culture of London and are ideal for school / college trips and touri

  • World War 2 - Druga wojna

    World War 2 history - battles, campaigns, biographies.

  • The origin and History of Lehenga

    It is a famous reality that Lehenga has a very royal history since its birth can uncover back to the early period when India was under Mughal by profession. Lehenga is considered as a form of skirt very close to the one put on by the masses of Scotla

  • Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan

    Blog studies the ancient Spice Route and the Nusantao maritime trade network.

  • Greek History

    All about Greek History

  • Historical Anthropology

    Scientific-technological revolution and the historical comsciousness

  • Black History in America

    Black history in the United States including black historians, war heroes, artists, and political leaders.

  • Medieval Crusades

    Weblog containing a chronology of events and articles about medieval crusades and crusade history

  • Segunda Guerra Mundial

    Website about the Second World War, especially the German side.

  • History of Semiconductors is a virtual museum on the history of the semiconductor industry. It consists of an archive with free, easy-to-access information for researchers, historians, and educators.

  • Lord Ashcroft

    The Lord Ashcroft Gallery hosts the largest collection of Victoria Cross and George Cross medals in the world. Discover the stories of the extraordinary heroes who have been awarded the Victoria Cross and George Cross medals.

  • Meet the Romans

    This site consists in 4 parts: 1. Culture and history of the ancient Romans 2. Picture gallery of Roman artifacts 3. Picture gallery of archeological sites 4. an offer to follow us on our Hannibal trail

  • The Public Professor

    A weblog discussing current events -- politics, culture, sports, media -- through the lens of history. Written by Dr. Akim Reinhardt, associate professor of American history at the University of Towson.

  • Understanding Ancient Societies - Dr. David Neiman

    Hear Fascinating lessons about ancient societies and artifacts and learn about daily life in ancient civilizations around the world.

  • Time Voyagers

    Free genealogy information and links since 1995. Books specializing in history, family history, general best sellers, current and rare titles, dvds, international music, language instruction. Headquarters for Time Voyagers Industries retail Web sites

  • Military History Blog

    Christopher Chant's military history blog which includes detailed information on a range of military equipment. As a sole author, Chris Chant has more than 90 books and offers a wealth of information on aviation and modern military matters.

  • Wereldwonderen

    7 wereldwonderen bestaan als klassieke en moderne wereldwonderen. Iedereen heeft z'n eigen voorkeur voor wereldwonderen.

  • Myth encyclopedia

    Myth encyclopedia contains a lot of information about all kind of myths and legends from around the world from ancient Greek tales to modern urban legends.

  • Modern Indian History General knowledge MCQ Questions

    It is a page about modern indian History

  • Origin of Huns and Bulgars

    This website is about Huns and Bulgarians - their origin and history.

  • Children of the Holocaust

    Educational site promoting Holocaust awareness for elementary school children. Includes lesson plans for teaching kids the importance of tolerance and cultural diversity.

  • Riflessioni - ieri, oggi, domani...

    Reminiscenze del passato, per cercare di capire il presente e sperare in un futuro migliore.

  • Bhangarh the haunted ruins

    Bhangarh - the haunted ruins near sariska, rajasthan , India

  • President profiles

    President profiles is a kind of encyclopedia that contains a lot of information about all U.S. presidents in history.

  • Frederick Douglass Family Foundation

    The Frederick Douglass Family Foundation is an Abolitionist organization. It exists to serve two purposes: to preserve and honor the legacy of Frederick Douglass and to create awareness about modern-day slavery in an effort to expedite its demise.

  • Schools History Visits

    Viking Victorian and Tudor Visits, Workshops and Sessions for schools. Historical Interpreters and Educators - planning by a qualified teacher.

  • Famous People Biographies

    One stop solution to find history of companies, products and also the biographies of famous people all at one place.

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