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For help and an effective remedy for allergies and Hay fever

Gain insight and facts about all types of allergies related to hay fever and a view of our latest pollen count meter.

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Lower your cholesterol level with Benecol

Way in which you can stay healthy and lower your cholesterol levels , which includes recipes on healthy food options.

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Relieve your cough or cold and flu symptoms with Benylin

When you are hit by cold and flu, the symptoms can stop you dead. Use Benylin for an effective cough remedy which can also help relieve your cold and flu symptoms. Get more information and advice on colds, flu’s and coughs here.

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Relieve your child’s ailments with Calpol

From cold and flu to teething. Calpol can help relieve your childs ailments and get them back to their mischievous selves. Find out more here.

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Colpermin IBS relief

Suffering from IBS symptoms is often painful and can be embarrassing. Relieve the symptoms with Colpermin’s unique IBS capsules with Peppermint oil. Learn more today.

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Cold sore treatments with Compeed

For help and relief with cold sores and ways in which you can help treat them in an effective way.

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Information on athletes feet treatments with Daktarin

Ways in which you can help the itchiness when you have athlete’s feet, and the available treatments.

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Imodium Diarrhoea treatment

Diarrhoea has many causes and can disrupt your day. Imodium diarrhoea treatment can relieve these symptoms and help you keep your day on track. Find out more on diarrhoea causes here.

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Beat Migraine symptoms with Migraleve.

When you feel the pounding beat of Migraine symptoms, it can bring you to a halt. Migraleve treats these symptoms so you can keep to the task at hand. Get more information and advice here.

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Stop Smoking with Nicorette

It shouldn’t be such a challenge to quit smoking. Find out how, with some will power applied, Nicorette can help you beat cigarettes for good. Get more information and advice here.

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Hair loss cause and treatment options from Regaine For Men

Why do men experience hair loss? Find out about the most suitable solutions on preventing and improving hair growth.

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For relief from Congestion, use Sudafed.

When your sinuses are blocked and you are feeling congested, use Sudafed congestion relief to help you breathe easy once again. Discover more information and advice here.

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insights on golf holidays and beautiful landscapes from Visi

If you planning your next golf holiday, Sweden play host to stunning landscapes and unique geography, and culture.

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A look at single malt scotch whisky from Malts

Experience the different variety of single malt whisky and the process that goes into making whisky.

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Find the perfect gin cocktail for any occasion from Gordon’s

Get cocktails ideas and insights on the latest event presented by Gordon’s Gins.

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