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Luciferase lentivirus

Luc adenovirus is one product of luciferase of Premade Virus Particles.

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BAC library

Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) acts as a vector to artificially carry DNA into the cell of a bacterium, such as Escherichia coli, to make a BAC clone. In general, BAC clones can carry inserts of DNA up to 200,000 base pairs long.

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Cre lentivirus

Cre lentiviral particle is a high titer (1x10^8) lentiviral particle, which can directly infect all mamaliam cells. Total volume is 50 microliter. Recombinase Cre is drived by CMV promoter.

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Stable cell line service

Stable cell line is the best solution, not only to produce recombinant protein and antibody, but also for application in drug screenings, gene functional studies etc. Depending on the type of gene expression and the gene construct.

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Topo cloning

Creative Biogene has always been devotingto offer you best-quality and most cost-effective products and services that other competitors can’t reach. Our goal is to provide you with the most affordable, high-quality and time efficient cloning method.

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Adeno Associated Virus

CAG-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 1) GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 8) Cre Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 5) ...

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Seamless Cloning

Creative Biogene’s FreeClone™ Seamless Cloning kit is designed to help researchers to streamline research and workflow, and we have constructed hundreds of clones in high efficiency with FreeClone™ Seamless Cloning kit.

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Site directed mutagenesis

Mutagenesis in the laboratory is an important molecular biology technique that is used to make specific and intentional changes to the DNA sequence of a gene and any gene products.

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Transfected cells

Stable cell lines with specific gene over-expression or knock-down are very helpful in gene function analysis, target discovery, target validation, assay development, and compound screening.

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miRNA inhibitor

Agomir/antagomir are members of a novel class of chemically engineered oligonucleotides. Agomir is chemically-modified double-strand miRNA mimics which can mimic mature endogenous miRNAs after transfection into cells.

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Baculoviruses are arthropod-specific viruses containing large double-stranded circular DNA genomes of 80,000–180,000?bp. In recent years, they have been utilized for producing complex eukaryotic proteins in insect cell cultures.

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cDNA Library

Creative Biogene’s advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs are available to provide you a range of cDNA libraries construction service, including standard cDNA library, subtractive cDNA library, normalized cDNA library...

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Mutant library

A mutant library is a collection of protein variants which is becoming more and more popular in identification of vital residues controlling physiological activities and the investigation of protein optimization.

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Fosmid Library

Fosmids are similar to cosmids but are based on the bacterial F-plasmid. Fosmids are commonly used for preparing genomic libraries when a uniform insert size is desired.

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Oligo pools

With years of development and advanced electrochemical technique, Creative Biogene can design and synthesis user-specified DNA sequences on sized semiconductor chips: 12K (delivers 12,000 different oligos per chip) or 90K (90,000 different oligos.

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