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755 Nguyen Van Linh
Hai Phong
Le Chan
Viet Nam
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Xay dung A Dong

Xay Dung A Dong is a well-established construction company based in Hai Phong, Vietnam. Specializing in building luxury villas, they have completed several high-quality projects. The company's professionalism and attention to detail are evident in their work, with each villa showcasing modern design and exquisite finishes. Their website provides detailed information about their projects, including images and descriptions of completed villas. Xay Dung A Dong's reputation for delivering exceptional results has earned them a strong presence in the construction industry in Hai Phong. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, they continue to be a trusted choice for clients looking to build their dream homes.

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B?t ??ng s?n H?i Phòng

???c thành l?p vào ngày 3 tháng 10 n?m 2017 b?i t?p h?p nh?ng "chi?n binh" khai phá th? tr??ng B?t ??ng s?n H?i Phòng – Qu?ng Ninh t? nh?ng d? án khó kh?n nh?t nh? Anh D?ng 5 ??n nh?ng d? án ?ình ?ám nh? Vinhomes Imperia. V?i tâm huy?t ??ng hành, ?em l?i nh?ng c? h?i s? h?u mái ?m an c?. Sàn b?t ??ng s?n Duyên H?i (DHI) ?ã có 1 s? chu?n b? r?t k? l??ng v? khâu tuy?n d?ng, ?ào t?o con ng??i v?i m?c tiêu tr? thành 1 sàn B?S chuyên nghi?p ?úng ngh?a. Cam k?t ??ng hành g?n bó v?i nh?ng nhà ??u t? t?i khu v?c và lân c?n.

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