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Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate, Medi

David Shields
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Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate, Medi
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United States
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Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate, Medi

School of Positive Transformation

Is an online training school offering Positive Psychology, Coaching, Meditation, and other Transformative Courses. At the School of Positive Transformation, we believe that through education, teaching, training, and support we could trigger positive change. We now have a strong scientific knowledge base, from positive psychology and other similar disciplines, providing us with incredible knowledge about practical tools we could use to live better. We have translated those tools into courses and trainings to enable increased resilience, happiness, meaning, and mindfulness. We believe that in order to offer others positive transformation, you need to say “yes” to that same invitation. As a result, our courses provide you with the knowledge and practice for self-transformation which then allows you to support others through the same process.

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