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Dictionary definition for: Branch

1. (n) an administrative division of some larger or more complex organization; "a branch of Congress"

2. (v) grow and send out branches or branch-like structures; "these plants ramify early and get to be very large"

3. (n) a division of a stem, or secondary stem arising from the main stem of a plant

4. (v) divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork; "The road forks"

5. (n) a part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches" "they took the south fork"

6. (n) a natural consequence of development

7. (n) a stream or river connected to a larger one

8. (n) any projection that is thought to resemble an arm; "the arm of the record player" "an arm of the sea" "a branch of the sewer"

WordNet 2.1 Copyright Princeton University. All rights reserved.