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Dictionary definition for: Front

1. (n) the immediate proximity of someone or something; "she blushed in his presence" "he sensed the presence of danger" "he was well behaved in front of company"

2. (v) be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to; "The house looks north" "My backyard look onto the pond" "The building faces the park"

3. (n) the side that is forward or prominent

4. (v) confront bodily; "breast the storm"

5. (n) the side that is seen or that goes first

6. (n) a sphere of activity involving effort; "the Japanese were active last week on the diplomatic front" "they advertise on many different fronts"

7. (n) the line along which opposing armies face each other

8. (n) a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals; "he was a charter member of the movement" "politicians have to respect a mass movement" "he led the national liberation front"

9. (n) (meteorology) the atmospheric phenomenon created at the boundary between two different air masses

10. (n) a person used as a cover for some questionable activity

11. (n) the outward appearance of a person; "he put up a bold front"

12. (n) the part of something that is nearest to the normal viewer; "he walked to the front of the stage"

WordNet 2.1 Copyright Princeton University. All rights reserved.