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Dropshipping 101 – Top Selling Product Ideas For The Covid-19 Pandemic

Sleepwear and pajamas

People are spending more time at home and they might want to spruce up the way they look even when they’re dressing down for bed – all of the top shopify stores are aware of this. A pink pajama set would be a great example. It allows people to stay comfortable while they’re living and working from home whilst feeling maybe a little bit elegant and pretty. That’s the kind of copy you’re going to go for if you decide to build an online business around this kind of luxury lounge and comfort wear category – a popular choice for dropshipping products.

Mobile accessories

The second online business idea that you can look into is in the mobile accessories category. Now if you’re a dropshipper, you’ve heard others talk about selling phone cases or holders that you can mount onto a car. Guess what? The dropship lifestyle does not come easy. People aren’t going out of their houses as often. And so the demand for an interesting phone case, or something that mounts onto the car, isn’t really there anymore. What is there is the demand for holders that help people use their phones within their houses more efficiently. Think about it, if I’m face timing someone from my bed, I’m going to like something that I can maybe mount so that I could look into the screen without constantly having to hold it. Same thing if I want to watch Netflix on my phone.

Laptop stands or lap desks

Within this category, you don’t have to restrict yourself to laptop stands. You can also sell things like keyboards and mice. The important thing is that you sell things that are ergonomic, which most of the successful shopify stores are doing. That signals to customers that they can use accessories like these to work from home in a way that’s good for their posture and their body alignment. On the subject of tech accessories, let’s go to our business idea number 4 which is gaming accessories.

Gaming accesories

Guys, I know nothing about gaming. What I do know is that a lot more people are spending their time gaming now that they’re staying indoors, which is not the case with most dropshipping niches. If you know this niche, look for ways that you can build a store to cater to the needs of people who are gaming more often. Just a word of warning, make sure that if you’re selling accessories, like controllers and things like that, you know that they’re compatible with certain devices. Otherwise you’re just going to get a ton of customer questions about whether they can use your products or you’re going to get skepticism and customers are going to bounce. Far safer to sell accessories like these, which can fit over a wide range of different gaming consoles and accessories.

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