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Five Ways Simple Lines and Colours Can Transform Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the hidden, less apparent parts of a home. If you visit a friend, the first thing you would most likely see is their garden and front yard, their porch, and their living room. But the bathroom is almost always obscured from view.

Despite its low visibility, the bathroom is often fun to decorate for homeowners. It requires a little more creativity as it is not the same compared to other dry parts of the house, like the dining room, the study, or the kitchen. If you are thinking of remodelling or redecorating your bathroom anytime soon, you might find that all it takes to switch things up a notch is using simple geometry and colours.

  1. Curved edges create the illusion of space

Gone are the days when clean, sharp edges defined classy. Now, curves, semi-circles, and arcs are the trend. This principle applies very much to bathroom interiors too.

Curved surfaces are better compared to their straight counterparts. Quadrant shower pods are the best example. Many would recommend using a curved corner shower especially for smaller bathrooms, as the curved exterior not just creates the illusion of space, but actually saves space.

  1. Earthy colours look classy

Neutral tones like brown, burgundy, and peach make your bath look brighter, neater, and classier. Use earthy colours on your tiles, your walls, and other surfaces to give your room a more unified look. With this simple trick, you can make your bathroom look like a suite.

  1. Bright colours add drama

If natural colours are not your cup of tea, bright colours in the bathroom work just as well too. Use bright blue tiles to line your wet room, or, if you have a glass shower pod, use decorative tiles to accentuate the surrounding walls behind the enclosure.

  1. Lines make a room look spacious

Lines can be wall dividers; the glass wall of a walk-in wet room, or the edges of your bathroom sink. You can also make your natural lines by creating patterns on the wall with your tiles, reorienting bathroom furniture like drawers and shelves, and hanging geometric wall designs like picture frames.

  1. Square rain showers are fashionable

If curves and circles have become the trend in architecture and interior decoration, using a sharp, square rain shower in the bathroom directly contradicts this—but it certainly is as luxurious as it gets. Square rain showers are usually massive compared to their round counterparts, and they are installed directly face down.

With the right amount of water pressure and volume, taking a shower under a square shower head feels like standing under a gentle waterfall or rain cloud.

Mixing it all up

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing your home. Ultimately, the choice is yours if you want to follow trends or go against them. There are endless possibilities beyond the ordinary. All you need is to find that perfect mixture of geometry, colour, and style to bring out the best in your bathroom.

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