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Microsoft’s PC Manager: Streamlining Windows Performance and Optimization

PC Manager, the optimization and performance-enhancing application from Microsoft, has been officially released for Windows after nearly 16 months since its initial announcement in October 2022. Currently in beta for Windows 10 and Windows 11, PC Manager aims to streamline system optimization without the need for third-party tools like CCleaner.

Recognizing the resource demands of Microsoft’s operating system, PC Manager provides users with insights into various aspects of their system, such as memory usage, ongoing processes, and available storage space. The application facilitates performance improvements through operations like clearing temporary files, freeing up RAM and storage, shutting down background processes that may impede performance, and adjusting Windows startup settings. With functionalities reminiscent of Task Manager, PC Manager empowers users to monitor and control running processes, enabling informed decisions on resource allocation.

Beyond optimization features, PC Manager includes practical solutions for daily use, such as a floating toolbar displaying RAM usage (CPU and GPU monitoring pending), a shortcut to the snipping tool, the ability to bookmark sites for quick access, and more. The versatile toolbar can be either displayed on the screen or hidden in a collapsible sidebar.

As of now, PC Manager is officially available for download from the Microsoft Store, supporting both Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, it is currently accessible only in Chinese or English, with assurances from Microsoft that future updates will include translations into additional languages.



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