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Dictionary definition for: Savage

1. (n) a member of an uncivilized people

2. (v) attack brutally and fiercely

3. (s) (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering; "a barbarous crime" "brutal beatings" "cruel tortures" "Stalin''s roughshod treatment of the kulaks" "a savage slap" "vicious kicks"

4. (n) a cruelly rapacious person

5. (v) criticize harshly or violently; "The press savaged the new President" "The critics crucified the author for plagiarizing a famous passage"

6. (s) wild and menacing; "a ferocious dog"

7. (s) without civilizing influences; "barbarian invaders" "barbaric practices" "a savage people" "fighting is crude and uncivilized especially if the weapons are efficient"-Margaret Meade; "wild tribes"

8. (s) marked by extreme and violent energy; "a ferocious beating" "fierce fighting" "a furious battle"

WordNet 2.1 Copyright Princeton University. All rights reserved.