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10 Things Everyone Hates About Storage Space.

There’s a great advantage of renting a storage unit, but some things bother some people about their policies and sometimes their staff.

Many issues arise on moving day. It’s a very stressful day for most people. There’s so much to do, and if the moving team isn’t diligent and cooperative, things go awry.

It’s nothing that can’t be redeemed. Before we discuss how storage space companies can be better, let’s get into a few of those things that create problems in the first place.

  1. Can’t leave anything on the initial survey:

There’s a reason storage space STORED  companies never give a quick quote over the phone based on little or no information. A surveyor needs to survey your property to finalise the volume in cubic feet.

With this information, the storage company allocates the appropriate size of van and crew required.

Problems arise when the tenant is vague about how many furniture pieces must be transferred but insist on inquiring about a quote. People tend to stick to the first quote stated no matter how much stuff they add later on moving day. Some even claim them as “hidden” charges.

If you add extra chairs or tables and expect them to fit in the previously mentioned price or even the van, you are mistaken. You will be charged for the spare time and the extra van.

It’s one of the policies of storage companies that people don’t like as it doesn’t give them much flexible time to add items the night before or on moving day.

You have to be very thorough on the initial survey for the whole process to run smoothly.

  1. No wandering pets and children:

Many storage room STORED  companies recommend tenants to keep children and pets away on moving day. It’s dangerous to be roaming while heavy objects are being lifted and transported. It also hinders the team in labour.

It will be a huge bummer if you accidentally trip over a child or step on a pet and damage the items.

Many people don’t have the option to leave their children with a family member or their pet in daycare. It might cause a minor issue among the tenants and the porter team.

However, it’s nothing that can’t be resolved with a bit of patience and cooperation from both sides.

  1. A full fridge and freezer will be left behind:

One of the most common things people forget is to empty their fridge and freezer. No matter how important your things in the refrigerator and freezer are, it’s not the moving/packing teams’ responsibility to empty them.

Some people may disagree. They believe it should be cleared out by the removals team if they have forgotten to do so. The removals team will gladly eat whatever is present in the fridge, with your permission, of course.

Even then, it would be best if you cleaned your fridge before you sent it off to a storage unit to avoid any mould and bacteria growth.

As far as the freezer is concerned, the team will let it be. The fridge/freezer might not get packed if it isn’t cleared out, so ensure you bring attention to it before the big day.

  1. Your storage unit could be full of junk:

Sometimes things can have sentimental value, and people often never let them go. Or perhaps you collect vintage books, musical instruments, antique furniture or tools and wish to keep them safe.

You might start by initially storing valuable items in the storage unit, but it doesn’t take long when you begin storing junk. In no time, the storage will be full of things with little to no value.

Before you know it, you’re paying arms and legs to store useless junk.

Here’s a bit of friendly advice, if you haven’t used something in your home for several years, then throw it out. You won’t be needing it in the future as well.

  1. Hidden costs and services:

Hidden costs and services can add up very quickly if you aren’t careful, and you might end up with a stressful long-overdue bill.

Sometimes there’s mandatory insurance, extra charges for security locks, expensive premium storage and such.

To avoid paying extra, ask beforehand for each service offered.

  1. Sometimes theft and damage can’t be avoided:

At times, depending on the construction of the storage unit, it’s easier to break in. However, not every self-storage company has unreliable security systems, but unfortunately, some do.

If the storage unit doesn’t have climate control, then your things can get damaged. Electronics and furniture exposed to extreme heat or cold for an extended time can be at risk. Water and mould damage can also occur.

  1. Environmental footprint:

All over the U.K., there are some billion square feet of storage space. Consider the climate control and lighting costs for all of that storage space.

If you care about the environment, you will wonder why we waste so much money and energy to store junk.

  1. You can donate instead of hoarding:

We often store things for years and never use them, but we get tired of holding things and paying non-stop as time goes by.

In the end, we get rid of the stuff. Why not donate it to someone in the first place?

You can help a family transitioning out of homelessness or displacement and donate your things to an organisation. You will be doing some good!

  1. Incorrect packing:

When companies don’t use good packing boxes and cause damage to your valuables, it worsens your whole experience. Instead of using sturdy, corrugated boxes, some use single fluted ones or other cheap quality cartons.

  1. Take care of connected appliances:

The removal team is neither trained nor inclined to disconnect or reconnect appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.

If you are looking to store things or move, ensure you have disconnected your appliances (water and gas ones) and that you have someone trained to reconnect them once you have moved to your new home or whenever you request to get your things back.

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