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4 Ways Technology is Changing Education

The technologies being used in the world are changing rapidly and people have to adapt quickly. There are many wonderful new technologies that have been developed over the years, and these technologies impact many other fields. One field that is taking advantage of the new technologies available is education. There are many things that educators and students alike are embracing, and here are four of them.

Increased Engagement

While most teachers have always striven to make their lessons interactive and engaging for their students, technology can help with this. Technology like Google Maps and Google Earth can provide a more interactive lesson than a simple snapshot. There are many interactive technologies like this that can be used by teachers to help a lesson come alive. Students also now have the capability to research answers to their questions much faster than they could before.

Online Classes

The internet has not only changed the way people interact and learn at school, it has changed school in another major way. Many schools, both high school and college, offer online classes. Schools like Bradley University have an entirely online program. These programs are typically able to be more flexible than traditional schooling, as well as less expensive. In some states, high school students can begin taking college classes when they are in ninth grade. This helps them get a head start on any college courses that they wish to take. In addition, online schools like Bradley University Online offer more personalized programs. Each student can take the classes that will help them reach their future goals.


While some teachers quite enjoy it when students make physical posters, this is no longer a requirement. Programs like Glogster and some Google programs allow students to create their own multimedia posters. These allow them to showcase their knowledge while using a variety of different styles. These can include video, photos, and sound, some of which are difficult to place on a poster. Not only does this demonstrate that the student understands the concept, it also shows that they are able to use a variety of different mediums to share that knowledge.


Changes in technology are also a tool to help reach students who learn in a wide variety of styles. Students have different ways of learning and can be at different places, academically speaking. There are programs that can be installed on classroom technological devices that allow a student to work at their own pace. The worksheets are not a printed packet, but an online program that is tailored to each student. This also allows the teacher to provide additional instruction to the students who need it while allowing other students to work ahead. In addition to a more personalized instruction, this can also prevent students who need a little extra help from feeling self-conscious.

With so many people knowing how to use these technologies, technology is a crucial tool. Not only are there many advantages to using these new methods, many educators feel that part of their job is to help their students learn to see technology as not just a fun game, but a powerful and useful tool.

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