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9 Tech-related tips for your Business

9 resolutions related to technology for your business

Investing in technology is a  a challenge for entrepreneurs. But if you get it right, information and communications technology (ICT) can be a game-changer for your business. ICT makes it possible to increase productivity, accelerate sales and even open up new markets. Here are nine resolutions you can take to help your business take full advantage of these benefits.

1. Assess your ICT situation Take an objective look at your current situation from an ICT point of view. How are your systems performing? How could you improve the competitiveness of your business using technology? Ask yourself these questions to decide which systems you need to optimize and which you could add in order to achieve your strategic goals. Then, implement a rigorous system selection process and solicit service offers from various vendors. Moreover, a clear ICT action plan could strengthen your case with your financial partners if you need a loan.

2. Create an online strategy Do a bit of planning first. What are the goals of your website? Does it aim to inform customers? To sell your products online?  A well-defined online strategy will help ensure that your investments in this area translate into increased sales and better customer service.

3. Optimize your website Your website is, in a way, the virtual showcase of your business. However, many sites are poorly designed or poorly integrated into the overall business strategy of the company they represent. Make sure yours isn’t too text-heavy and you don’t have to scroll or click endlessly to find information. To ensure that your site is at the top of search results in key areas related to your activities, do not hesitate to seek the help of professionals.

4. Be active on social media Establish a social media strategy, starting with knowing what is being said about your business. Then, if you haven’t already, create your own pages in the main social media to mark your territory, manage your brand image and get closer to your customers. Remember that social media is an indirect sales vehicle. Reach out to your target audience in a spirit of help and support. Aggressive marketing is not engaging at all.

5. Engage your employees Involve your employees in important ICT investment planning and decisions, not only to gain their buy-in, but also to leverage their expertise and vast knowledge of your business.

6. Consider Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Using such a system could help you better understand your customers and take advantage of the sales opportunities that come your way. You could centralize all your customer data, provide more personalized service and follow up with potential customers more effectively.

7. Check out productivity tools Why not use productivity enhancement tools? These include time attendance software, inventory management systems, and comprehensive supply chain management systems.

8. Consider using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system Is the inefficient assembly of different computer systems distributed throughout your company giving you a hard time? Consider using an ERP system. It’s a versatile piece of software with modules to do a host of tasks, from accounting and inventory to human resources, finance, and operations.

9. Be at the forefront of technological security Ensure you have an ICT security policy that includes guidelines on acceptable use, passwords, security practices and software downloads. Make sure this policy is followed throughout your business, and back up your data regularly.

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