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New Trends in Indian Bridal Wear

Weddings are huge in India, and it does not matter what is on the guest list. Be it intimate or big fat Indian weddings; weddings are a big deal in India. But you know what the best and most intriguing part about Indian weddings is, it is the bridal wear. Right from browsing through the internet for that perfect lehenga to shopping for your bridal lehenga, it is all full of excitement and fun! It is probably the most favourite part of every bride when it comes to weddings.

Now that you are on the internet looking for bridal wear inspiration, we have got you covered. As we understand you have zillions of butterflies in your belly and are looking for some new trends!

1. Full Coverage is in the new Black!

Image Via Makeup by Ankkit Malik

Those were the days back in the 80’s or 90’s when brides opted for full coverage bridal outfits but seem like it is back in fashion. Right from turtle neck blouses with full sleeves or peplum blouses, everything seems like it is having a comeback.

2. Shine Bright with some Glitter

Image Via Into Candid Photography

Well, who doesn’t LOVE glitter? We suppose everyone loves to sparkle and shine on their wedding and what’s possibly better than having some on your outfit?

3. Add some feathers, Girls!

Image Via Focal Eye Photography

Recently, we saw many celebrities wearing designer bridal lehengas with feathers in the outfit. We are sure you can also fly a bit with some feathers added to your outfit. It looks super stunning!

4. Add some volume in your bridal outfit

Image Via Manish Malhotra

Well, it seems like millennial brides are experimenting with their outfits and we love it. How about adding some volumes in the form of ruffles, tiers or layers in your lehenga skirt?

5. Puffed Sleeves, maybe?

Image Via Manish Malhotra

Queens from the past have set goals high for us and how can we possibly miss out on adding some puffs to your bridal blouse. It not only looks chic but regal as well.

6. One-Shoulder Blous

Image Via Make-up by Afsha Rangila

We know it is not just the wedding night but other functions as well, so how about adding some quirk to your mehndi / sangeet function with an off shoulder blouse?

7. Scallop, Scallop Everywhere

Image Via Payal Keyal Official

Looks like we are bringing the old days back and yet again we have an inspiration from golden days and add some scallop either to your bridal blouse, lehenga skirt or dupatta (or maybe, the complete outfit, choice is yours!)

We have made a list of things to add while shopping for our bridal wear! So what are you waiting for, go ahead and bookmark your favorite idea!

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