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What To Look For in Text Analysis Software

Whether it’s uncovering code or trying to understand trends, text analytics has become a popular tool to utilize. Text analytics combines a set of machine learning, statistical, and linguistic techniques to process large volumes of text with no predefined formats to derive patterns. This enables businesses, governments, researchers, and more to comb through content to

Tips on How to format Windows 11

Tips on How to format Windows 11 step by step, so that you can leave everything as if you had just bought the computer. Formatting a hard drive is used to erase everything so you can start from scratch. However, if you just want to reset Windows to be able to leave it as if

Elon Musk : ‘The woke virus is making Netflix impossible to watch’

Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, never tires of giving his opinion on everything from his Twitter account (to which he has offered, for that matter, a million dollar offer to be his largest shareholder). In this case, the creator of Tesla has responded to a tweet about Netflix’s stock market crash in

Lotus Eletre: An Electric SUV with a 15.1-inch OLED Screen  

Lotus Eletre, breaking Odds Lotus has always been characterized for making very low and light sports cars, with enviable driving dynamics. With growing competition in Auto Industry  if a brand wants to be profitable, it has no choice but to jump through hoops. Porsche was the first with its Cayenne and, little by little, Lamborghini,

Galileo, the “European GPS”

The “European GPS” Galileo is open to billions of devices worldwide. It gives Europe autonomy in terms of satellite positioning services. Today, nearly a thousand smartphones can connect to it and allow geolocation. These are not the selection criteria that are lacking when it comes to choosing a new smartphone: screen size, storage capacity, price,

4  Misconceptions about Laptop Gamers that are no Longer true in 2022

Ugly, imposing, unremovable and above all unable to compete with a fixed PC: this is what we generally hear about gaming laptops. Valid arguments in the past, but which are more cliché when it comes to current gaming laptops.  4 misconceptions about gaming laptops, which are no longer (quite) true in 2022.  Gaming laptops have

Energy-Saving Tips for Summer Season

The winter was long. Shorter days, snow storms, cold spells and lots of freezing rain. Fortunately, better weather is on the horizon. Please let spring be here soon! It’s also the time of year when we lose an hour of sleep, but it’s worth it. With the arrival of daylight saving time, its time to

Technology: Its Responsibility for a Greener Future

The craze for faster, smarter and more innovative technologies has resulted in the launch of a new generation of iPhone every year; Smart watches and bracelets that track our state of health in real time; and through file sharing via cloud computing and video platforms that keep people working remotely connected and productive during a

Netflix loses More than 200,000 subscribers in 100 days 

Netflix has suffered heavy losses in the last few quarters. According to the report, Netflix users have decreased in the first quarter of this year. Netflix has lost more than 200,000 subscribers in about 100 days. This is the first time in the history of Netflix that such a large number of subscribers have been

Benefits of Using a Football Betting Calculator

If you are into football betting, you know that making accurate predictions is essential to winning. After all, football is a very unpredictable sport, and anything can happen on any given day. Having a good football betting calculator can come in handy. A football betting calculator can help you determine the probability of a certain

 How the Pandemic boosted the Deployment of Fiber Optics

From the use of social networks or instant messaging to online commerce, streaming or video conferencing applications, digital uses have experienced a very strong acceleration since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic. It also owes a lot, in parallel, to the deployment of fiber optics, which is gradually democratizing very high-speed Internet access.     Smart

5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Of course your mom deserves the best and why not make a change this year by giving her something other than a bouquet of flowers bought at the grocery store?   Here are the best last minute gift ideas that make a big impact! A subscription to a monthly/quarterly box We don’t necessarily think about

Gift ideas for Young People aged 12 to 15

Not yet adults, but already quite children, it is difficult to know how to please a young teenager for Christmas, for his birthday or for any other occasion. The task is indeed delicate to find a gift adapted both to the tastes of the young recipient, but also to his age.  For older children, put

Growing Use Of Drones in Industrial and Government Sectors

From advertising to food delivery, firefighting, defence, construction and agriculture, the sectors that use drones today are increasingly diverse.   According to Statista, US consumer drone sales to dealers exceeded $1.25 billion in 2020. Goldman Sachs forecasts the overall drone market size at $100 billion, fuelled by this growing demand for drones in the commercial

Superyachts and Cybersecurity

 Superyachts  are  facing anonymous cyberattacks from a new breed of hackers. These themes were notably addressed during the 28th edition of the Dubai International Boat Show.   The Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), returning this year after a hiatus due to the global pandemic, is a key event in the annual luxury boating calendar and

Impact of the Digital Technology on Environment

The Publication of the latest IPCC climate report clearly indicates that digital technology is on the way to becoming one of the most polluting industrial sectors. And according to an MIT study, training an artificial intelligence program would emit as much CO2 as the continuous use of five cars over their lifetime. Data and poorly

New Technology : 3D Printed Mini-Rockets for Nano-Satellites

The global space sector is currently struggling to meet the launch demands of nano-satellites for commercial use. In order to be able to transport them as quickly as possible into low Earth orbit, a young French company has decided to develop micro-launchers and 3D printed rocket engines. Transporting up to 100 kg of nano-satellites at

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Spring is often seen as the best time of the year to move with the weather (usually) improving as well as the start of a new tax year. This can make spring a fun time of the year with plenty of housewarming parties, but what are some housewarming gifts that will stand out and be

6 Tips to know How to Save and Reduce Fuel Consumption

Given the rise in fuel, it is important to learn these tricks to avoid wasting it Fuel is a fundamental product for a city to move, but in many countries, in recent days, its price has increased to levels that not everyone can afford. Therefore, we bring you 6 tips so you can know how

How to Study for an Exam: Tips and Advice 

In general, having to prepare for an assessment is usually not an easy task. Many factors come into play such as learning ability and nerves. But don’t despair! In this note we will tell you how to study for an exam and we will see the best methods to learn. Keep reading and put these

Top 3 Ways to AirDrop File Sharing on Android

If you’ve ever owned an iPhone or at least know how it works, you’re more than likely familiar with AirDrop. This is a system for sending data between devices of the brand that works quickly and comfortably. However, in Android there is no similar system or at least not so visible.   There are alternatives

Five Most Important Customer Service Skills

Knowing how to listen is the key to customer service. Questions such as, what is a good agent for? To make or receive calls? What type of calls do you have to answer: claims, orders, breakdown management, sales…? These types of questions are not necessary, because whatever the need of the service to be covered,