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Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023 you need to know

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing with the development of new technologies, leading to potential changes and challenges in digital security for 2023.The article discusses the importance of taking steps to protect oneself online due to the expected increase in cybersecurity challenges in the coming year. Key Predictions for 2023 are as below – State-sponsored

Windows 11: New Features coming to File Explorer revealed

We’ve known for some time that Microsoft has been working on some new features for Windows 11’s File Explorer. Now, the folks at Windows Central have some news to share about the upcoming update, which won’t just have a revamped search field. Previous buttons in the header such as “New”, “Copy” and “Paste” are moved

Latest iPads are not compatible with the new iPadOS 15.7.3

If you use an iPad that can run iPadOS 16 and you are using iPadOS 15 for whatever reason, be prepared to have to update very soon. Apple recently released the iPadOS 15.7.3 update, which only provides security fixes for the operating system. It turns out that iPadOS 15.7.3 is only compatible with the iPads

Google modifies Chrome’s address bar interface for Android

Google Chrome developers are systematically working on new features for the application, but it’s not just new features that they occupy their time, as they also spend part of their time working on changes to its graphical part. For this reason, the Google Chrome team has started to introduce a new interface for the address

Android 14 blocks the installation of Outdated Applications

Android 14 will not allow the installation of outdated applications To reduce the potential for malware, Android 14, the next version of Google’s smartphone operating system, is expected to completely block the installation of apps targeting outdated versions of Android after launch. For a long time, Google Play Store guidelines have stated that Android developers

Customizable encrypted chats come to Facebook Messenger

Meta, the company that owns Facebook, is working to make end-to-end encryption available on Facebook Messenger, which is Facebook’s instant messaging platform. This happens after having done the same in WhatsApp (for all chats) and Instagram (can be activated manually for individual chats). Added to this feature is also the possibility of customizing encrypted chats,

From 3D Screens To Flying Boats: CES 2023 Favorites

From boats that fly, to folding screens (that also slide), to satellites you control and laptops that break your brain a little bit … the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show was a bone-crushing assault on MrMobile’s body and mind. Join him for a round-up of what mobile tech stood out this year in Las Vegas! MrMobile’s

Motorola announces the Moto G53 and Moto G73

Motorola has officially announced two new mid-range smartphones for the global market, and we are talking about the Moto G53 and Moto G73. If the G53 no longer has big secrets, as it had already been announced in China, the Moto G73 is a new device. In practical terms they are not very different from

23 Best Apps For Android Customization 2023 You Wish Knew EARLIER

Here are 23 Best Android Customization Apps 2023 You Should Try! If you are into customization it is no doubt that Android is right now the most popular mobile operating system. Android provides users far more features and customization options then its counterpart iOS. Since it’s highly customizable, apps related to customizations are also high.

Microsoft announces partnership with OpenAI

Microsoft and OpenAI go hand in hand, but it’s not just because of ChatGPT. Microsoft has decided to deepen its collaboration with OpenAI. In particular, the Redmond company has announced the launch of a long-term collaboration with the company that has acquired great fame thanks to ChatGPT. A few days ago, information emerged that Microsoft

Hackers using OneNote to Spread Malware

For a long time, cybercriminals exploited the macro function in applications like Word and Excel to infect users’ PCs with malware. They usually do this by injecting malicious code into a legitimate document, then tricking users into allowing macros to view the file in an ostensibly correct way. Microsoft is aware of this threatening behavior,

Real Estate Insurance and Why is it Important?

Real estate insurance is a type of insurance that protects property owners against potential losses or damages to their property. This can include coverage for the physical structure of the building, as well as liability protection for any accidents or injuries that may occur on the property. Real estate insurance is important because it can

Microsoft ReFS to replace NTFS

NTFS (New Technology File System) now begins to do its farewell honors. Released in 1993 with Windows NT 3.1, he owned the Microsoft system that was largely democratized with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. So much so that today it is found everywhere and that competing operating systems now support it, either natively or using

ChatGPT Pro Officially Announced

OpenAI launches “Pro” offer for ChatGPT with a paid subscription ChatGPT is today the most popular conversational Artificial Intelligence of the moment, probably also because everyone can try it online and completely free of charge. OpenAI thought it was time to monetize its marvel and that’s why it has just launched a subscription offer clearly

Samsung TV Plus expected to arrive soon on TCL TVs

As it is being revealed, Samsung will supposedly make its streaming application available, the famous Samsung TV Plus, for Televisions from other manufacturers. If we believe what is being advanced, TCL televisions will be able to use that South Korean service. Samsung TV Plus was launched in 2015, and it is a free, ad-supported streaming

Reliable Tips to Sell a House Fast

Moving out can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you have never done it before. Imagine finding another place to live, selling your current home, and moving your possessions. People hate relocating due to such reasons, especially when it comes to selling their homes. It is a daunting job because you need to go through a

DeepMind a subsidiary of Google announces a competitor to ChatGPT

This madness of conversational Artificial Intelligence (or conversational agents, or chatbot), seems to be on the rise. The phenomenal success of ChatGPT, now known to the general public (or almost), no doubt just gave the starting signal for an AI competition via interposed GAFA. It is therefore not surprising that DeepMind, a subsidiary of Alphabet/Google,

Instagram announces DND mode and New Content filters

Instagram has announced some features designed to give users more control over its app. Most notable is a silent mode, which is similar to your smartphone’s “Do Not Disturb” setting. When active, Instagram will not send notifications and the profile will display a warning that the user is “in silent mode”. Anyone trying to send

Wikipedia revamps its Portal after a decade

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced the redesign of the Wikipedia website that aims to improve the experience offered to visitors. The restyling takes place more than a decade after the last design change, without disturbing the historic look that has always characterized the portal. The new design features a new always-on header that provides quick

All Existing Proxy Classifications

Today, a proxy is a convenient and extremely useful tool for protecting personal data and bypassing blocking. They can also be used for parsing, and promotion of an account by mass actions in social networks, and instant messengers, for competitive intelligence. To make the right decision when choosing mobile LTE proxies from, it is

TikTok one small step away from being banned in Europe

TikTok is in serious danger of being banned in Europe: the European commissioner Thierry Breton reported this in no uncertain terms to CEO Shou Zi Chew during a video conference in which the terms that the Chinese company must respect to continue to operate were once again reiterated within the HUH. Breton used the social