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Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are single unit air conditioners which you can plug into a mains power socket, with a hose pipe hung outside of a window.

A portable air conditioner can assist those who need to sleep during incredibly warm summer nights, and work in office environments that have become stuffy. The benefits of a portable air conditioner include being able to cool your home, without installing it permanently. A second benefit of portable air conditioners is that they ten to be cheaper than split-unit air conditioners, as prices start at £380. The portability aspect of the air conditioners means it can be unplugged and placed in storage at the end of scorching summer seasons. Portable air conditioners are rated in British Thermal Units (BTU). The recommended size of a portable air conditioner for a living room or office is generally between 5,000 and 8,000 BTU.

How do Portable air conditioners work?

Portable air conditioners use a standard window ventilation kit, to let out warm air through the exhaust. Majority of portable air conditioners contain water reservoirs, with the purpose to dehumidify the room. Once full, the water reservoirs need to be emptied, to allow further cycles of dehumidification. Alternative portable air conditioner models evaporate the moisture and let out the exhaust warmth through the air duct. This means you empty the container less often.


Portable air conditioners are equipped with a variety of different features. These features will vary by brand and style:

  • Setting a timer to start/stop the air conditioner
  • Can be remotely operated through WiFi or App
  • The fan circulates air through the room, without a temperature change
  • Automatically setting the temperature and letting the unit cool the room
  • There are a wide range of BTUs for different room size requirements
  • Castor wheels, which means no worries about lifting


How do Single Hose Portable air conditioners work?

Single hose portable air conditioners work initially by pulling stagnant air from the room. Inside of the single hose portable air conditioner is a motor, which cools the air for circulation. The single hose portable air conditioner then takes the warm air, and funnels it through the hose, and out the window. They consume less energy and cost less than dual hose air conditioners.

How do Dual Hose Portable air conditioners work?

Dual hose portable air conditioners receive fresh air from outside through the hose and circulate cool air throughout the space. Any excess warm air and moisture then is pulled through the unit and exits out of the opposite hose. Dual hose portable air conditioners can cool the room faster and more efficiently than single hose units.

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