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This Robotic Eyeball will act as Third Eye

The scientist has created such a device that works like the third eye of a human. Known as the third eye, this device is very useful for those people who keep their eyes on the mobile screen even while walking on the way.

Man’s third eye!
Let us tell you that the name of the scientist who made this special device is Paeng Min Wook. He named this device The Third Eye. Actually it is a kind of robotic eyeball. This robotic eyeball acts like an eye and protects mobile users from colliding with oncoming objects while walking on the way.

How does Robotic Eyeball work?
Know that there is a sensor in the robotic eyeball. This device is placed on the forehead. As soon as something comes in front of us on the way, the eyeball vibrates and signals to us that there is something in front and we stop. The scientist claims that by applying robotic eyeball as the third eye on the forehead, we can walk on the road without any worry even while looking at the mobile screen with both eyes.

Robotic Eyeballs can be useful for whom?
Scientist Paeng Min Wook has said that nowadays we are very busy on mobile. Doesn’t feel like taking his eyes off the mobile screen. In such a situation, robotic eyeball can be of great use to us. More features can be added to this device in the coming time.


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