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Useful Tips For Dealing With Migraines

Migraines are a terrible condition that can completely debilitate the sufferer. They are actually becoming more common, and although some people will only have to manage one once or twice in their lives, others will have them on a fairly regular basis. This can mean taking a lot of time off sick from work, missing out on important events, and being in pain a lot of the time.

Until there is a surefire way to entirely avoid migraines, it’s important to know how to deal with them. These tips won’t eliminate this condition, but they will make it easier to cope with when you have to go through it. Read on to find out more.

Rest In A Quiet, Dark Room

It’s actually a good idea to take some time to rest in a quiet, dark room every day even when you don’t have a migraine; it’s relaxing and an ideal way to reduce stress. However, it’s also highly useful when you do have a migraine, and it’s an easy thing to do since you don’t actually have to do anything at all.

The best thing to do is just lie quietly but don’t go to sleep. Although it will give you some respite, when you wake up the headache might be worse – this is called a rebound headache. Instead, lie still in the dark, and if the pain is too bad, try putting an icepack on your forehead.

Use A Compress

Applying a cold or warm (depending on what works best for you) compress to your neck is a great way to ease the pain of a migraine. The compress will relax the muscles which might be causing the pain, and certainly won’t be helping it. The compress will also open up the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more quickly and more oxygen can get to the brain – this is a good way to prevent the pain from increasing. This can be combined with being in a dark room and will hopefully improve how you’re feeling.

Get Your Eyesight Checked

Getting your eyesight checked when you have a migraine isn’t going to help, but it could be a good idea to do this if you find that you are getting migraines often. When you are straining to see it can trigger a migraine.

Therefore, it makes sense to see an optician if you are worried about migraines. Making sure you have good eyesight and wearing glasses if you need to will help. The issue you might come across is that glasses can be expensive, but with a shop Felix Gray coupon you can get a good discount and solve your migraine issues too.


Although there are various reasons why someone might suffer from migraines, one of the most common causes (and the reason more and more people are becoming afflicted) is dehydration. We’re so busy that it can be easy to forget to drink (or not drink enough) and along with a variety of other symptoms such as confusion and a sore throat, migraines can occur as a result.

To prevent a migraine, make sure you hydrate as much as possible – always have a water bottle with you and sip from it through the day. If you already have a migraine, it’s not too late to hydrate. Drink at least two glasses of water before you have a lie down, and you should find that the symptoms decrease.

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