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Dictionary definition for: Peak

1. (n) the most extreme possible amount or value; "voltage peak"

2. (v) to reach the highest point; attain maximum intensity, activity; "That wild, speculative spirit peaked in 1929"

3. (a) of a period of maximal use or demand or activity; "at peak hours the streets traffic is unbelievable"

4. (n) the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

5. (n) the highest level or degree attainable; "his landscapes were deemed the acme of beauty" "the artist''s gifts are at their acme" "at the height of her career" "the peak of perfection" "summer was at its peak" "...catapulted Einstein to the pinnacle of

6. (n) the top point of a mountain or hill; "the view from the peak was magnificent" "they clambered to the summit of Monadnock"

7. (n) a V shape; "the cannibal''s teeth were filed to sharp points"

8. (n) the highest point (of something) "at the peak of the pyramid"

9. (n) a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes; "he pulled down the bill of his cap and trudged ahead"

WordNet 2.1 Copyright Princeton University. All rights reserved.