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Activities to Keep Your Child Busy at Home


The current pandemic has kept most of us at home wishing things would get back to normal. Some people have complained of anxiety and depression, finding it difficult to adjust to the new normal. If adults feel anxious and are experiencing cabin fever, children feel the same way too. After being used to playing with friends, going out with mom and dad, or enjoying the outdoors, being at home can be frustrating and boring. As you try to find ways to cope with the situation, you may also be dealing with children who are looking for ways to entertain themselves at home. Toys are very useful to keep children amused for hours, especially those that stimulate their imagination like the Playmobil Princess. Your little girl will surely enjoy owning a castle, and playing pretend princess, exploring every room of the castle, together with her prince.

Fortunately, there are activities that you can introduce to your kids to keep them busy inside the house. Making a list of these activities can help you plan their day so that you too can get to work with what you need to do.

Teach them how to cook and bake

You may be surprised to know that many children, boys and girls alike, enjoy working in the kitchen. As they watch their parents prepare meals or bake goodies, they are just as interested in being involved and trying some of their creations. Having your child in the kitchen and involving them in food preparations creates a strong emotional bond between you. A child is more relaxed in this setting, and it could be the best time to share stories. It is also a learning experience for your child as they measure ingredients with measuring cups and spoons. They also boost their reading comprehension, understanding the step by step process of a recipe. It also gives your child a sense of pride when they have been part of the meal preparation for the family.

Encourage them to do gardening

Another activity that is not only fun but a learning experience is gardening. Gardening is one of the best ways to introduce your child to nature and involve them with it. They will know how to appreciate the beauty of plants and flowers and learn how to be patient. Growing a garden of vegetables encourages a child to eat healthily too. This activity also helps keep your child physically active while stimulating brain development.

Inspire them to read

If you are an avid reader, your child is likely to enjoy reading too. Reading stimulates the brain, provides answers to questions and widens the vocabulary of your child. If they are too young to read, show them picture books that give them a chance to imagine. Read with them when you can. Children will always look to parents reading stories to them, relating the experience with comfort and belonging.

Times may be tough right now, but you can make your children understand the situation and handle it together. Get them to come up with other activities to do at home, like finding an exciting hobby or making little improvements in their bedrooms. Time at home is the best time to bond as a family.

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