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Amazon Unveils a New Era of Streaming with Fire TV and Echo Show 15

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One of the primary attractions of Chromecast and Apple TV is their capability to stream media directly from contemporary smartphones using Google Cast or AirPlay, respectively. Venturing into this realm, Amazon introduces Matter Casting for its Fire TV and Echo Show 15 gadgets.

For some time now, Amazon has advocated for a streaming protocol rooted in Matter. CES serves as the platform for Amazon’s announcement of Matter Casting, enabling users to project content from iOS and Android streaming apps onto Fire TV units or the Echo Show 15.

Initially, the feature is operational within Amazon’s Prime Video app. However, the roster is set to expand later this year, encompassing platforms like Plex, Pluto TV, Sling TV, Starz, and ZDF. For instance, if you have a Fire TV Stick linked to your television, initiating Prime Video allows you to stream your chosen content directly to the screen.

The inception of Matter can be traced back to an initiative named Project Connected Home Over IP (Project Chip). This collaborative effort by industry giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google, in partnership with the Zigbee Alliance, commenced in late 2019. By January 2022, Matter’s development witnessed participation from over 200 firms.

Interestingly, even though Apple and Google are associated with Matter, they may continue promoting their proprietary streaming methodologies. Both Cast and AirPlay have seamlessly integrated into specific TV models over the years.

In related CES news, Panasonic disclosed its collaboration with Amazon to incorporate the Fire TV interface into its forthcoming smart TV models. This unveiling coincides with the introduction of two flagship OLED TVs, namely the Z95A and Z93A.



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