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Google modifies Chrome’s address bar interface for Android

Google Chrome developers are systematically working on new features for the application, but it’s not just new features that they occupy their time, as they also spend part of their time working on changes to its graphical part. For this reason, the Google Chrome team has started to introduce a new interface for the address bar of the application dedicated to devices, improving support for the dynamic colors that arrived with Material You. When the general box is tapped, Chrome’s address bar is no longer housed in the same pill-shaped container it sees when the field is inactive, taking on a slightly taller, rectangular shape and aligned with the You Material.

With this interface, the search results, websites and other suggestions that appear below are no longer just text on a light/dark background and are now hosted in a tab with a background that is lighter than the rest of the screen.   This new interface is somewhat reminiscent of Pixel Launcher’s unified search and brings that experience to non-Google smartphones.

When is the new Google Chrome interface available?

At the end of last year this redesign began to appear in the beta channel of the browser, but in the last few hours it has also started to reach all users in the stable version and with version 109 of Google Chrome.

While its implementation takes place via a server-side update, users are most eager to experience the new interface by enabling it via a special flag ( chrome://flags/#omnibox-modernize-visual-update ).



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