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Android 14 blocks the installation of Outdated Applications

Android 14 will not allow the installation of outdated applications

To reduce the potential for malware, Android 14, the next version of Google’s smartphone operating system, is expected to completely block the installation of apps targeting outdated versions of Android after launch.

For a long time, Google Play Store guidelines have stated that Android developers must keep their apps up to date to take advantage of the latest features and security measures of the Android platform. In January 2023, the guidelines were updated and now require newly listed Play Store apps to target at least Android 12, and any apps that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted.

According to a recently discovered code change, Android 14 will tighten the API requirements and completely block the installation of outdated apps.

Android 14 will feature a new security measure

This change should prevent users from sideloading certain APK files, although there is a command line way to do this. But it will be structured in such a way that inexperienced users won’t accidentally do it, and install whatever application is presented to them.



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