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Microsoft plans low-cost Windows 11 PCs

The IT sector has been facing some difficulties for some time now and among the solutions that the Microsoft team is working on to revive it a little bit, there also seems to be one that provides a new business model for Windows 11 PCs. more precisely, we are talking about the possibility of making devices available at more advantageous prices thanks to the use of advertisements and subscriptions.

At least that’s what a new job offer published by the Redmond giant seems to suggest, where it claims to be looking for someone who can fill the role of Principal Software Engineering Manager (here).

As part of Microsoft’s projects, an important role can be played by Windows 365, the cloud solution from the Redmond giant that allows professionals to access a complete Windows 10 experience, or Windows 11, and which represents a new way of using the company’s operating system by paying a subscription.

According to what can be seen from this job offer, Microsoft intends to launch “low-cost PCs supported by advertising and subscriptions”. This is a rather vague phrase, but which, in any case, gives you an idea of ​​what the projects of the Redmond giant could be: in essence, users should be able to buy low-cost PCs, provided to display various ads when using the operating system.

This system can provide Microsoft with a significant increase in revenue through subscriptions and ad sales. It remains to be seen whether the new service on which the Redmond giant is working could be launched globally or if, on the contrary, it will be limited to the United States and some other markets.

It will also be interesting to find out if the low-end Windows 11 PCs that the Microsoft team plans to release will be available to all types of users, or if they will be reserved for certain categories, such as businesses.



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