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Wallpaper In Decoration

Let’s see here a little about some styles of wallpaper used in decoration. This decoration item makes environments even more sophisticated and elegant.

Nowadays, wallpapers can even serve to imitate some materials in cases where we are not willing to make a rougher renovation, applying the original materials. So they come to make the walls beautiful without breaking it! And in most cases they look so real that they fool anyone, who needs to look very closely to see that it’s not the real stuff, just like we see in the leather wallpaper below:

Traditional: Nothing more than just paper;

Polyester: More resistant material and can be cleaned with a damp cloth;

Vinyl: Waterproof paper, with a vinyl layer. Cleaning can be done with mild soap and a soft sponge;


Rubberized: Similar to vinyl, but has an EVA layer on its surface. It can also be cleaned with a mild soap and a soft sponge; We also have several other materials, such as TNT, velvet, embossing, adhesive, in short, a great variety.

Now, some tips for choosing a wallpaper template:

If the environment is small, the ideal is a wallpaper with more neutral colors, even if printed, but with very light colors;

Narrow walls can have a horizontal striped wallpaper, which will feel stretched along the sides of this wall;

Environments with low ceilings (height) can have the sensation of heightened height if they receive a vertically striped wallpaper;


Large and spacious rooms can accommodate any type of wallpaper, so if you want to put one with bold colors and bolder prints, this is the place;

If you want to put wallpaper on more than one wall in the same environment, try to make a composition, where we have models with different prints that complement each other, such as a floral one on one wall and a striped one on the other Colors.

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