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Cyber attack On GoDaddy

Data Of 1.2 Million Users Leaked, Personal Information Like Email ID And Phone Number At Risk

A new case of cyber attack has been seen on GoDaddy, where personal information of 1.2 million users has been leaked. This data leak has been disclosed by Go Daddy Inc. itself. The company says that personal information including email IDs and phone numbers of 1.2 million active and inactive users that were being managed through WordPress have been leaked.


The company’s shares fell nearly 1.6% in early trading

The company came to know about this on November 17, after which the company has taken the help of an IT forensic firm to investigate the matter. The company’s Chief Information Security Officer Demetrius Comes says that we have identified these suspicious activities ourselves. Since then, the help of an IT forensic firm is being taken. After this disclosure, the company’s shares have fallen about 1.6% in early trading.


Third party users have come forward, they are being blocked


When this incident came to light, the company immediately blocked unauthorized third parties from its system and is investigating it. Also, from 6 September 2021, all the third party users who have come forward are being blocked.


The original WordPress admin passwords that were exposed during the cyber attack and are still being used, the company is resetting such passwords.

sFTP for active clients and databases such as user names, passwords were exposed. The company is resetting both passwords. sFTP is a type of network protocol, which provides access to file access, file transfer and file management. It is designed by the Internet


Engineers Task Force.

The company has said that the SSL ‘private key’ of some customers has also been exposed. Along with this, new certificates are being issued and installed for such customers.

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