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Netflix Shifts Strategy: No More Commissions to Apple

Netflix users who still pay for their subscriptions through the App Store purchase system will soon have to add a new payment method to keep their accounts active.

The streaming giant is communicating this situation to its customers who still use this system, and the upcoming news regarding payments on its platform.

For those who don’t know, Netflix has not allowed customers to subscribe to its service on iOS devices since 2018, although it has decided to allow those who were already subscribed in this way to continue using the in-app purchase system to pay the fee monthly.

Netflix apparently wants to stop paying Apple the 15% commission for using its payment system, and on the US support site the company specifies that customers in “some” countries will have to add a new payment method ( It is currently unclear which countries the company’s new policy applies to, other than the United States).

Data regarding the number of service subscribers who still pay through the in-app purchase system is not known, as it has been almost six years since this option was removed. And since 2018, Netflix has required customers with Apple devices to sign up for a new subscription on its official website and it is not possible to subscribe through the app.

When the North American giant first removed the option to pay through the ‌App Store‌, it claimed that customers who paid for subscriptions with this system could continue to use that billing method until their accounts were cancelled, but apparently he lost his temper.




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