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The Precious ‘Diamond Rain’ occurs on these Two Planets

There are some planets in our solar system like Uranus and Neptune, about which scientists claim that these planets have ‘rain of diamonds’. Gases like hydrogen, helium and methane are present on both these planets. Here the atmospheric pressure is very high, which breaks apart the hydrogen and carbon bonds and the carbon rains on the surface in the form of diamonds.

Why did Scientists claim this
Scientists have made these claims on the basis of an experiment. Uranus and Neptune differ greatly in size and composition. Uranus is 17 times larger than Earth and Neptune 15 times. Methane gas is present on Uranus, whose chemical name is CH₄.

Due to the pressure of the atmosphere, hydrogen (H) is separated from it and carbon (C) takes the form of diamond. This process is similar to the process of water vapor on Earth due to atmospheric pressure and cloud-hail is formed.

Frozen methane gas is found on Neptune, whose clouds fly here. The distance of Neptune is the highest from the Sun, due to which the temperature here remains around -200 °C. The speed of the winds blowing here is about 2500 km / h and due to the condensed carbon in the atmosphere, the rain of diamonds is seen here.

Is it possible for humans to reach?
Even if humans want, due to extreme distance and extreme conditions, they cannot get diamonds by reaching these planets. According to scientific theory, there is rain of diamonds on the planet Saturn also because, there are clouds of methane gas here too. The electrical energy of space collides with the clouds and the carbon molecule breaks apart. However, on coming down, instead of shiny diamond, it turns into hard graphite due to high temperature and atmospheric pressure.

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