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What Is Interior Design Or Interior Design?

First of all, before getting into interior design issues,  we must know what its definition is; That is why interior design is defined as the design discipline that is involved in the process of forming the experience of the interior space, manipulating the volume of the space to be decorated as well as the treatment of its surface. Key concepts to keep in mind: Layout This consists of the positioning of furniture and household objects. Getting a good distribution allows you to create a good space and a hierarchy. This theme is used especially in those spaces where the interior designer has more freedom, that is, when we talk about open spaces. The main pioneers of this technique were Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. Comfort and ergonomics This is becoming more and more fundamental, starting with accessibility to the use of technologies that make our day-to-day more comfortable. That is why ergonomics is a discipline that helps the design of each room.


What does an interior designer do?


Interior designers are professionals who project their decorating ideas both as private residences and corporate work spaces. This professional has knowledge of perspective, ergonomics, proportion and lighting, whose objective is to create cozy environments to satisfy the decoration needs of his clients. History of interior design Interior design is the art that consists of improving the interior of a building, therefore, in the past the interior was designed instinctively as part of the production process, its main objective being the search for the use of space in an effective and achieved well-being.


Since the beginning of prehistory, the walls and floors have been designed, but with a meaning, to tell a story, over time this interior design has become more sophisticated and has developed towards a study not only of form, but also function and, in this way, improve our quality of life. The greatest creators of this style were the Egyptians, creating their own sculptures with the clay material, this little by little until today has been developing different techniques and increasingly original materials, (from ornamentation in gold, ivory, a simpler style…). In ancient India, architects were in charge of interior design, a reference is Vishwakarma, an architect from Indian mythology. How is interior design different from decoration? These two terms are very often confused. They can be used synonymously, but they are very different, each concept has a different meaning from each other.


Although they share several points in common between them. Interior design is based on the way to modify a space according to the needs of a client or user. Those in charge of carrying out this work are the interior designers or interior designers who are in charge of creating a good place of work or personal leisure in order to find a suitable place complying with the desired indications. Usually he usually works in already built spaces.


The interior designer must have knowledge of architecture, since minimal architectural work may be required in the design part. You not only have to think about the aesthetic beauty of the space, but also about its functionality, that it is productive and that it can be enjoyed. You have to be observant and creative in order to carry out a correct project. Interior decoration is responsible for improving the aesthetic appearance of a space. Creating harmony and visual beauty. The decorator is in charge of improving that space but without modifying it, that is why this specialist can play with colors, lighting or organize the space again in a way that is more visual. interior design definition Relationship between interior design and decoration Decoration is a discipline that is within interior design, therefore an interior designer can apply the work of being a decorator, since both techniques have been studied by the same person. But a professional in decoration cannot apply knowledge in interior design anymore

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