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Will AI one day have a conscience? 

Will AI one day have a conscience? In the HBO series Westworld it is! Westworld Season 4 is imminent: Dolores, Charlotte and Caleb may well surprise us.


Will the robot revolution end? 

Find out on its release day, June 26th. In the meantime, why not ask the question of consciousness? It surrounds the show every season: from the first episode, where each presenter seems to be following a precise scenario, to the last season, where people implant their minds in artificial bodies. Season 4 will be released on OCS on June 26th. HBO, YouTube


How do you define consciousness?

Intelligence, consciousness, thinking or even the living: so many terms for which definitions don’t agree. This is one of the mysteries that has surrounded us for hundreds of years, even millennia: where does our consciousness come from and how is it defined? Several theories address this, but most distinguish between consciousness and self-awareness. One is more oriented towards awakening and thinking skills, the other towards being different from other beings around us: it is this self-awareness that gives free will, moral values ​​or consideration of the world around us.


Experiments have shown that other animals besides humans are self-aware. A study has shown that elephants in particular are one of them: not only did they pass the mirror and stain test, in which they end up wiping a mark painted on their head after looking at themselves in the mirror, but also that of the carpet. One Asian elephant managed to become aware that its body was on a rug blocking the passage of a stick attached to the same rug. Science often works with biomimicry, that is, by being inspired by living beings. The digitization of human consciousness is therefore a logical step in the creation of an artificial intelligence designed to simulate or exceed our capabilities.


Researchers have nevertheless managed to image the brain in different states of consciousness: asleep, in a coma or when awake. And they found differences in the interactions between regions: in conscious people they are more dynamic and complex, while in unconscious people they become simpler and only take place between regions that are directly connected. . As for the areas of consciousness, they would be located in the brainstem for the area of ​​awakening and then in the prefrontal cortex.


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