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Brain Control Technology: Wireless Headset that can hack Brain remotely

Till now you must have seen TV, AC and other electric things being controlled with a remote. Soon the brain can also be controlled remotely. Scientists have developed a technology that can control the brain. Researchers have designed a wireless headset, which is hacking the brain. Let us know what this technology is and how it works.


The mind will be able to be controlled in a few seconds. At present, this technology has been tried on flies. You must have heard of smartphones, computers, online servers and many types of technology being hacked.  Have you ever heard of someone’s brain being hacked?

Scientists have done this. Scientists from some top institutes in America have invented such technology that can hack the brain. By the way, this technology has been used to control the fly, not humans. But it is a big step in this direction. According to the reports, with the help of this technology, you can control the mind of a fly in just one second. This wireless technology controls the neurons present in the fly’s brain.


What is new technology? 

Scientists have been researching the way the brain works for a long time. With this, efforts are being made to achieve those goals, which earlier could not even be imagined.


The National Science Foundation and Defense Advanced Research Project Agency have developed such headset technology, which can not only read the neurons of the brain, but can also write them according to someone else.


What is its job?

The name of this program is Magnetic, Optical, Acoustic Neural Access (MOANA). Its aim is to create a wireless headset that can do brain-to-brain communication in a non-surgical way. Rice University associate professor Jacob Robinson and his team have found a way that can hack the brains of flies. ‘


How is the brain hacked?

For this work the research team  used genetic engineering. With its help, a special ion channel was expressed in the neuron cell of the flies, which is activated through heat. As soon as the ion channel is activated, the fly starts spreading its wings. To activate the channel voluntarily, the scientists injected nanoparticles into the flies, which are heated through a magnetic field. When researchers activate electromagnets. The electric field starts heating the nanoparticles present in the flies. This activates the neurons and the flies start spreading their wings.

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