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Revolut users Data Hacked

Are you a Revolut user? Need to know this

According to what is being revealed, Revolut was the target of a cyber attack, and the company has confirmed this same situation, as it is sending emails to its customers to realize that a small number of user accounts were actually exposed. .

It is worth knowing that this breach did not result in any theft of funds, but on the other hand, customer data was exposed. The company, however, did not reveal what information was exposed, but says it is now contacting all users to report this security flaw.

Revolut further confirmed that they recently received a highly targeted cyber attack from an unauthorized third party that may have gained access to some user information for a short period of time. However, card details, PINs or passwords were not retrieved. The company claims that only 0.16% of customers were affected and no action is currently required on user side to further protect their accounts.

RevolutĀ  immediately detected and isolated the cyber attack and have confirmed that users information is safe now.

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