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“Diamond Factory” in the Earth’s Core

Study: Earth’s Core May Contain Huge “Diamond Factory”   With the refinement of technologies and research methodologies, scientists are beginning to unravel certain enigmas related to the core of our planet. Thus, according to a new study, the intense heat of the Earth’s core may have the ideal conditions for the existence of a huge

Scientist Discovers Ocean beneath Jupiter’s Moon

Beneath the thick layer of ice in Europa, Jupiter’s moon, lies an ocean that intrigues scientists. But, before they can determine if it is likely to harbor life, they must unlock the secrets of this ice cap. Researchers have taken a big step in this direction.   Europa is the moon of Jupiter. It is

United States announces establishment of Agency in charge of UFO’s

The United States has just set up an agency whose mission will be to investigate abnormal phenomena detected by the army or government agencies. The organization is called All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Its creation was announced by the US Department of Defense on Wednesday, Slate said.   This office replaces the Airborne object identification

Lab created Brain will explain Eye-to-brain coordination

Lab created Brain will explain Eye-to-brain coordination   German scientists have created an artificial human brain in the laboratory. This mini brain also has eyes. Although the eyes are not yet fully developed. This mini brain was developed from human stem cells. It was prepared by researchers from the Institute of Human Genetics, Germany. Scientists

Scientists discovers a Mysterious object 3,000 light years from Earth

An international team, in which the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and the University of La Laguna (ULL) participate, has discovered a new and mysterious object 3,000 light years from Earth. The oddity appears to be a stellar ‘black widow’, a pulsar – a rapidly spinning neutron star – that circles a

 Discovery: Scientists Discover 2 New Planets!

 Discovery: Scientists Discover 2 New Planets! Nearby star system hosts two planets and 30 exocomets: Our universe is so big that even the scientists working in all the space agencies of the world have not even been able to fully discover its essence. Meanwhile, scientists have definitely been able to find out that there are

Scientists Recycle Masks into Cost-effective and Flexible Batteries 

Scientists have developed a new method to turn masks into inexpensive, cost-effective and flexible batteries  Scientists want to create batteries from used masks – Geeko A new technology to produce cost-effective batteries from medical waste. This is the bet of researchers from the National University of Science and Technology MISIS (NUST MISiS), supported by colleagues

 Can Black Holes Be Turned Into White Holes?

The concept of a White Hole is exactly the opposite of a Black Hole. But their existence has not yet been observed or proved, but they cannot be ruled out in the present concept of the Universe. But even before the black hole was proved, when Albert Einstein had given its concept, only then the

Amazing : Scientists Records SpiderWeb Music

Kill and kill spiders We have never tried to understand their world except by burning or demolishing the house. When they build their house, then music is produced from it. During the construction of each wire of the web, the rest of the wire makes sounds due to the vibration of the air and the

Will Humans be Immortal by 2045?

Immortality sounds like science fiction to us, but there are those who have dared to date it: 2045. It is the plan of the Russian businessman and millionaire Dmitry Itskov, who defends that in just over 20 years we will be able to dream of eternal life in the form of avatars . The plan

The Mysterious Planet 9

For several years, researchers around the world have been trying to find out the existence of a ninth planet within the Solar System. Until now, we only have eight qualified planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto was kicked out of the rankings in 2006 and has been dubbed a ‘dwarf

Asteroid 130 Elektra Moon: An Asteroid with three Moons

  Scientists in Thailand have discovered an asteroid that has 3 moons. This is the first time in the universe that an asteroid has 3 moons.   This  celestial rock is 257 km wide and was first discovered in the 19th century. Now this unique asteroid has been identified as the first quadruple system in space.

Did You Know : Why Neptune and Uranus are of different colors

There are many similarities between Planets Uranus and Neptune but the color of both the planets appears different. One has a yellowish-blue-green color and the other has a dark blue color. This difference had puzzled scientists for a long time. In a new study, UK researchers have been able to find the reason for this

Did You Know : Why Sun Looks Red during Sunrise and Sunset

Photography enthusiasts love to click pictures of Sunrise and Sunset because the sun turns red at this time, which looks very beautiful. But do you know what is the science behind this red color of the Sun? British Scientist Discovered The secret of this scientific process is hidden in Rayleigh Scattering, in the 19th century

Did you Know : How can a Glass Worm Swim in Water without Drowning

100 years ago, scientists saw a strange insect that was swimming comfortably in water, whereas insects usually cannot swim in water. Now after 100 years, scientists have solved this mystery. Zoologist Philip Matthews has solved a 100-year-old mystery as to why the Chaoborus midge can swim in water. The findings of Professor Mathews at the

Shocking Study Reveals – Glaciers are Squishy

Glaciers are soft like swamps, how big a change will this new information bring Glaciers sometimes take very destructive forms. But apart from this, they also contribute to the geographical processes. It is believed that the glacier is solid but friable. The ice sheet can be pierced like a rock. Glaciers also crack. Pieces like

How Long can you Walk on Earth without Crossing a River?

Start your walk from any corner of the earth. Do you have any idea how far you can go without crossing any river or water source? Difficult to travel in a straight line. Starting from China to Portugal, the walk is about 11,240 km long. Rivers or water sources will not come in the way.

NASA’s Mars Rover finds Hints of Life on Mars Millions of Years ago

NASA’s Mars Rover mission has recently revealed that there could have been life on Mars millions of years ago. This has been revealed from the samples taken from the ground by Curiosity, which has been roaming on the surface of Mars for 9 years. Analysis of samples taken from Mars According to the news of

Body Cells that Immune themselves from Death

Scientists have discovered such cells, which can cheat even their own death. The cells of the body usually kill themselves by exploding at the time of infection, so that the infection does not pass on to other cells. The cells of the body can die in many ways, but now scientists have claimed that there