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February 22, 2022

Asteroid 130 Elektra Moon: An Asteroid with three Moons

  Scientists in Thailand have discovered an asteroid that has 3 moons. This is the first time in the universe that an asteroid has 3 moons.   This  celestial rock is 257 km wide and was first discovered in the 19th century. Now this unique asteroid has been identified as the first quadruple system in space.

February 8, 2022

Did You Know : Why Neptune and Uranus are of different colors

There are many similarities between Planets Uranus and Neptune but the color of both the planets appears different. One has a yellowish-blue-green color and the other has a dark blue color. This difference had puzzled scientists for a long time. In a new study, UK researchers have been able to find the reason for this

Did You Know : Why Sun Looks Red during Sunrise and Sunset

Photography enthusiasts love to click pictures of Sunrise and Sunset because the sun turns red at this time, which looks very beautiful. But do you know what is the science behind this red color of the Sun? British Scientist Discovered The secret of this scientific process is hidden in Rayleigh Scattering, in the 19th century

February 1, 2022

Did you Know : How can a Glass Worm Swim in Water without Drowning

100 years ago, scientists saw a strange insect that was swimming comfortably in water, whereas insects usually cannot swim in water. Now after 100 years, scientists have solved this mystery. Zoologist Philip Matthews has solved a 100-year-old mystery as to why the Chaoborus midge can swim in water. The findings of Professor Mathews at the

January 29, 2022

Shocking Study Reveals – Glaciers are Squishy

Glaciers are soft like swamps, how big a change will this new information bring Glaciers sometimes take very destructive forms. But apart from this, they also contribute to the geographical processes. It is believed that the glacier is solid but friable. The ice sheet can be pierced like a rock. Glaciers also crack. Pieces like

January 26, 2022

How Long can you Walk on Earth without Crossing a River?

Start your walk from any corner of the earth. Do you have any idea how far you can go without crossing any river or water source? Difficult to travel in a straight line. Starting from China to Portugal, the walk is about 11,240 km long. Rivers or water sources will not come in the way.

January 21, 2022

NASA’s Mars Rover finds Hints of Life on Mars Millions of Years ago

NASA’s Mars Rover mission has recently revealed that there could have been life on Mars millions of years ago. This has been revealed from the samples taken from the ground by Curiosity, which has been roaming on the surface of Mars for 9 years. Analysis of samples taken from Mars According to the news of

January 18, 2022

Body Cells that Immune themselves from Death

Scientists have discovered such cells, which can cheat even their own death. The cells of the body usually kill themselves by exploding at the time of infection, so that the infection does not pass on to other cells. The cells of the body can die in many ways, but now scientists have claimed that there

January 17, 2022

Skeletons of Hybrid Animal from Bronze Age found in South Caucasus and Anatolia

Skeletons of the first hybrid animal found in the world are 5500 years old; Scientists are getting surprised Recently, when the DNA of an animal’s skeleton was tested, scientists were surprised. This skeleton turned out to be a 5500-year-old hybrid animal, but this technology has only been discovered in the modern era. So did the

January 12, 2022

Smallest Supermassive Black Hole Ever Seen in Galaxy

Know about the mini supermassive black hole, it is the smallest ever It is being said about this black hole that it will give a lot of new information. Black Holes are such bodies of the universe which are not only mysterious in themselves, but also contain many other mysteries of the universe along with

January 8, 2022

Scientists Find 66 Million Year Old Dinosaur Embryo

A perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo has been found inside a fossilized egg in China that was almost forgotten for 10 years at a storage facility in China. Scientists said that finding a dinosaur embryo is one of the rarest discoveries. Scientists have found a fossil of a dinosaur egg in the rocks of the ‘Hekou

Israeli Scientists Invents a Unique Car for Goldfish 

Scientists from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University have created a unique car that can be driven on land by floating fish. Actually, through this car, scientists wanted to prove that fishes do not forget their direction even in adverse conditions. They recognize their target in any situation. In this experiment, the goldfish drove the car on the

December 7, 2021

Why The Brain Spends A Lot Of Energy Even While Resting

In this study, published in Science Advances, the researchers studied the effect of this high metabolic burden in other types of nerves. They say that this investigation will be helpful in better understanding the fuel management of the human brain and it will also reveal why our brain is so fragile in terms of this

November 26, 2021

Importance of Including Oceans In Climate Agreements

There was a lot of discussion on the emission of greenhouse gases in climate change, but all these are mainly related to emissions only on land. Surprisingly, it has not even included the role of oceans, while oceans have absorbed more than 90 percent of the man-made gases emitted so far. They are playing a