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Scientists find Signs of many deep Oceans in Space too

Researchers stress the importance of designing future missions with the ability to explore an ocean on all five of Uranus’ major moons — Oberon, Titania, Umbriel, Ariel and Miranda.  Many claims have already been made about the presence of water on any other celestial body other than Earth in space. Scientists around the world are

ISRO Discovered a Bigger Planet than Jupiter

ISRO has discovered a planet bigger than Jupiter in space. This planet orbits a star outside the solar system.  There may be a change in the chapter on the solar system in schools for children. Maybe soon, when it comes to the largest planet in the solar system, children will be told the name of

Space Junk: Saturn-Like Ring May Form Around Earth

Scientists warn Space Junk: Space debris can cause a big problem for space missions. This poses a serious threat to the safety of astronauts and hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth.   The risk of collision with spacecraft and satellites will increase. Big crisis for space mission. Trending Photos alt photo icon5 Entertainment News The

Space Face Biosecurity Threats

Aliens can attack Earth! Only negligence would be the reason Space Security Threats: According to recent research, the Earth is threatened by aliens. This can happen only because of carelessness.   : Aliens and other creatures present in space outside the earth are a threat to the earth. Yes, these creatures can attack the earth

NASA found a Hole on the Surface of the Sun

NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory has detected a large ‘coronal hole’ in the Sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona. A stream of charged particles is emanating from this open hole in the southern region of the Sun. They can collide with the Earth’s atmosphere.   Big solar storm can hit the earth Scientists have warned that